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My first self tanning experience.

Never have I ever self tanned. Of course if this was asked during a game I would be parched. I have always been pale and embraced it. But recently I have been envious of my more tanned friends. Being tanned just seems to cover more, bruises, bumps, redness. And more importantly veins. I have somehow developed quite a few noticeable veins, some working their way up my entire leg. Of course, no body wants that. And so whilst in Debenhams I picked up a bottle of St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mouse and a mit.  Extremely exited with my purchase then turned to facial tanners. A product that Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup raves about is the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning For Face And Décolleté, which of course I had to purchase. See her blog post here.

Being completely useless in this area I turned to a blog post that I had 'pinned' a while back, 'Easy Steps  To A Healthy Sunless Tan.' It spoke about 4 main steps to ensure an even natural tan. These have been tried and tested by a complete noob, with a few of my own tips. Stick to them religiously and everyone can be blessed with sun kissed skin.

The first, Exfoliation. Colour will develop a lot darker on dry patches of skin. Step into the shower and give yourself a quick rinse, then step out to exfoliate. Try taking a handful of granulated sugar, using a circular motion buff into the skin. Some products may leave an oily or even greasy residue. I'm looking at you Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub! 

Next up, Moisturise. When you see a patchy tan It's because of uneven colour. Ankles, feet, elbows and knees and at high risk of over development. Colour will cling to dry skin and give off that 'orange patchwork' look that everyone dreads. Lightly moisturise these areas before applying tan. You can even touch this up after applying tan to dilute the formula and reduce the risk of darkening further than the rest of your body. 

You guessed it, Applying. A little trick I learnt was to apply from the bottom to the top, that way when you bend over you won't crease what hasn't dried. 

And finally, Buff. After making sure the formula has been spread evenly remember to clean your hands and nails. Take a baby wipe and clean the palms of your hands and bottoms of your feet. Don't forget to wipe over your nails. No one wants orange tips!

Nice and easy, right? Practise makes perfect, don't worry the face is much easier. Simple pour out some of the Clarins Liquid Bronze onto a cotton pad. The size of a 10 pence coin is enough. Make sure your face is clean and dry, then wipe this over the skin and down the neck. Don't worry about the amount too much, this develops gradually with continuous use. I find that three uses gives my skin the sun kissed look it needs to match my body. I finally feel a little more educated in with world of self tanning. Not to mention being a lot more daring when it comes to style. Hello crop tops! 

Have you used any products from St Tropez? Or have any tips on tanning?

Gem. X