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NOTW ft Sensational ft Raspberry Flowers.

I used to have my nails Shellac'd every single month without fail, until I left for uni that is. The student life just didn't agree with me. And all my luxury's faded away as I handed over my mani money to cashiers at sainsburys. Oh the audacity. I give my nails priority over most beauty regimes, so when I saw the Sensationail kit in boot's I had to have it. £69.99? I passed – and not just the once — I would walk past intentionally, pick it up, check my bank balance, only to put it down and walk away staring over my shoulder. Some time passed, the gods had called, by gods I mean a friend with a mani on offer! I left with a smile on my face and a  pure white mani for two weeks chip free! 

Of course I went straight to boots to purchase my own, turns out it was half price. Bargain. So here I am to say go for it! Never have I had such great results for an at home manicure, I don't think I'll ever go back to a normal polish! I've purchased a couple more colours since then and have stopped myself from removing my currently perfect finger tips. Stay tuned for application and removal posts!

In the photos above I am wearing Raspberry Wine with white flowers and rhinestones to sparkle! 

Have you tried a gel manicure? How do you feel about investing money in a kit?

Gem. x