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Sensationail/Gel Polish Removal Review.

You know I love my nail polish, pinks and reds especially! I get bored quite easily and feel the need to repaint my nails every few days. So you can imagine my frustration trying to remove my current lick of gel polish. Almost a week and a half had passed before I needed to remove my current glitter berry shade and I was ready for the challenge. With Sensationail products you are advised to use the removing strips - sold separately - but in didn't have them to hand. Another technique they recommend is soaking your nails to loosen the polish off the nail itself.

After a few minutes buffing off the top layer. There I was with a bowl of acetone floating in a bowl of hot water, my nails dipped in and modern family playing in the background. A good 20 minutes had passed and after drying my hands off I took the plunge. Using the wooden tool that came with the set, I scraped the polish off quite easily. My nails did require a slight buffering which has out some strain on them. To me there was only one way to fix it, a few nail strengthener applications for a few days and then another slick of colour. Of course when the gel polish is on it keeps your nails stronger for longer, so I'm going to use the nail strips to remove my current mani in a week or so and see if there is any difference. When I used shellac, the removal was a lot cleaner and less harmful to my nails, actually thinking about it there was no damage, and that was using their form of strip. Fingers crossed for healthy nails on my next attempt. 

Overall my nails are feeling alright, as good as you'd expect post mani. Have you tried removing a gel polish? What techniques have you used? And what condition were your nails in afterwards? Please leave your comments and stories below, I'd love to gain a few more tips!

Gem. X