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Out of every makeup product foundation is always the hardest for me to buy, and commit to. It's either not sitting properly on my skin, doesn't last long enough, gives off too much shine or eradicates it completely. I just can't seem to get it right. I do however have a few tips to make the whole daunting process a lot easier.

Try before you buy.
I know that it almost seems rude to apply makeup and not purchase something. But how much worse are you going to feel buying something that isn't the right colour and wears off within 5 minutes. I've been there. In department and brand stores counters can colour match you on the spot and give you notes on what shades they've used. They normally remove some existing makeup along your jaw line and replace with the fresh colour match. I normally wear this for about half an hour outside in natural light before going back and purchasing anything. At first I was nervous about asking but most assistants actually recommend it, most lighting is a tad yellow which can completely throw you off. I've even been known to ask for a sample with more expensive foundations. Take a clean sample pot just in case they don't have any of their own, as long as your polite and explain exactly what your intentions are assistants are more than happy to help. It's their job to serve you as best they can, not pressure you into buying products.

Listen to your skin.
I know it's hard seeing so many amazing products online but some products just aren't meant for you. I remember buying a matte foundation, the reviews were great! But my skin was too dry at the time and I ended up looking chalky. Foundations are made to suit certain skin types and they work with them to enhance your skin, products can't do their job if they don't have the right canvas. Some products are one type to suit all, and that is great, but take note at what they offer, if you have oily skin an illuminating base is going to make matters worse. You get the gist.

More doesn't necessarily mean merrier.
So your having a bad skin day, don't we all. Slapping on copious amounts of foundation isn't going to solve anything. If your skin can't breath it's going to play up. It's also a great effort to remove, if not removed properly your skin could end up even worse. Anything that one layer cannot cover is a job for concealer.

Blend blend blend.
Everyone has has those days where they're looking a bit streaky, add a small amount of product and blend in. I blend in stages, first the centre of my face, as that will need the most coverage and then out to the edges. Don't forget the underside of your chin, around your hair line and up to your ears. If you have the right shade — and followed these steps — you shouldn't get any lines.

Fix it.
Last but not least, remember to seal all your hard work into place. Use a light dusting of translucent powder on the centre of your face, this gives your base an extra few hours of wear. I use a big brush to dust a small amount, remember to tap off any excess, you don't want a face full of it.

Oily skin:
MAC Studio Fix Foundation, Medium/Buildable coverage, £20.50
Revlon Colour Stay Foundation, Medium/ Buildable coverage, £12.49

Combination/Normal skin:
YSL Le Teinte touche Foundation, Light/Medium coverage, £28.00
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Medium coverage, £8.99

Dry skin:
Nars Sheer Glow, Medium coverage, £29.50
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, Medium coverage, £10.99

If you have any tips of your own please share them in the comments below! The more the merrier, and we'll be one step closer to being a foundation pro.

What foundations do you use? Any suggestions for troubled dry skin?

Gem. x