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Effortless Eye Catching Nails!

Do you ever have those moments when you just can't be bothered with your nails? Sometimes I look at how plain and simple they are and think, tomorrow. The amount of amazing nail art being thrown in my face doesn't help, the simple stuff I can handle, and look good after hours of practising. It's the tricky ones that get me down, a few hours later and I'm surrounded by used cotton pads and clean nails, this is the reality. But no more! I've been on the hunt for the most dazzling, in your face nails that I could come across that take no longer than a normal mani. 

The key is 'special' varnish, as the boy refers to it. I know that there are plenty of effects polishes out there, some I find chip really easily, others are impossible to get off! I'm looking at you Butter London glitter! These have been tried and tested, nothing here has been left un-complimented. So sit back, relax and get ready to paint your nails.

The first on my list is by far the oldest of the bunch. I always walked past it in boots without so much as a glance, that is until one day when I just threw it into the basket without any reason. I'm calling  it fate, even thought it may just seem like one of those impulse buys. Revlon's Sequin 160. It's incredibly compact and fine glitter doesn't require a base colour. This reminds me of the liquid metal that was used on wolverine in the xmen. Solid steel nails at the ready! 

These two Barry M beauties use glitter in different ways, but worth are both nail worthy! The first is Amethyst Glitter, different sizes of pink, blue and silver glitter suspended in a clear polish. One layer leaves a subtle spotting of glitter - complimenting any base colour - whilst a few more can turn your tips into a firework display! The other is SNP1 White, part of their 'nail effect' range. A milky matte white polish with rather sparse silver, green, blue and pink glitter. This may not be as glamorous, but creates amazing texture when layered up. Almost like a jazzy speckled egg. 

The last is almost a pair, but in the same way separate. Avon's Licorice is jet black with a shine that could lure in anyone. I think that black polish by itself is gorgeous, it grabs your attention and highlights any hand amongst the crowd. Beware: black polish should be used appropriately, it's a very fine line between glam and goth! On the other end of the scale is Maybelline's Flash Cosmic, a frosted clear polish with the most gorgeous glitter running through it. I always think that this looks magic, when you hold it against the light a slight blue awe emits from the bottle like a subtle beacon. Pair with pastels for a fairy tale like finish, or over black to create a navy sky with the stars to prove it. I understand that this has almost turned into a story in itself. But wen I paired these polishes I was blown away, they are my go to night nail. And alone, some of my favourites.

So if you want effortless eye catching nails be sure to pick out something dazzling. And not just in the bottle. Special occasions, Halloween, bonfire night, fireworks night, Christmas parties and eventually New Years. This post will have you covered.

What polishes do you use for something special? Have layered an unknown masterpiece before? If so what? I'd love to know, a girl can never have too many polishes!

Gem. x