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Currently Loving | October Favourites!

This past month hasn't really been the most interesting of months. With University and Work merging into one there hasn't been time for a dramatic smokey eye or outstanding nail art. With the exception of Halloween of course! But I have found the odd forgotten love and a few new ones that have made a subtle yet substantial impact on October. With November well and truly here these are no doubt going to be the underlying products of my routine, and hopefully leave some room for a bit of drama. I'm looking at dark reds, olive greens and rustic browns!

Bastiste Oriental Dry Shampoo.
Now I've never really been a user of dry shampoo, maybe it was the off putting festival vibe, or the fact that I just washed my hair too often to need it. That is until I saw a post from llymlrs on this very product. The main thing that I took away from that post was the smell. I've never considered what my hair smelt like, and thought why not add a bit of lustre to my hair when it's feeling a tad limp and lifeless. And so I took the plunge and bought a can... wow! Not only does it freshen my roots with the most gorgeous apple and berry scent but it even gives them the lift they need to pull off the 'pre-wash' bounce without the hours of blow drying. I must admit I haven't been using this as an alternative to shampooing, I still wash my hair every other day but this lives in my locker at work and helps me to feel my best especially when I've been folding  my butt off! 

Dior Amber Diamond. 
I would like to thank the boy for trawling the beauty counters of Manchester searching for this - at the time - notoriously hard to find product! Last year I loved it, this year I love it and I probably will for more to come. During the summer I tend to use a cream high lighter, so when then air turns chilly I turn to Amber Diamond. With a quick application my - rather non existing - cheekbones glisten. It's the easiest way to bring a little light to your face without over doing it. Just a light base, an eyeshadow with a little shimmer and this is all I need to feel perky. Come Christmas time I know for a fact that I am going to be loading this on with a smokey eye and a killer red lip. I can't wait!

Bourjois Java Rice Powder. 
I have mentioned this product quite a lot over the past few weeks but I honestly can't say enough about it. Matte enough to set your base with enough shimmer to brighten your complexion even on a raining day! I just take a small fluffy face brush and dust down the centre of my face. I would like to be able to use it on the go but that is not possible. If this came in a compact form you wouldn't see me without it. I know when I look outside at the gloomy streets of Wembley that I'll be bright and care free. A little over the top? Maybe. But nothing has made such an impact on my skin in such a way. If you buy anything it should be this!

Blistex Relief Cream.
Another recent mention as well. But this has not left my side. Whilst writing this I'm currently walking home in the blistering cold, layered up and my lips are as warm and smooth as a goddess'. That's because I smoothed this over my lips at about one o'clock this afternoon. (It's now just gone seven.) These smackers have battled though rain a long shift and not a hint of either colour or gloss. That's right they have been bare all day and still feel amazing. Now if that isn't worth another mention and undying love I don't know what does. 

Maybelline Gel Eye Liner in Black. 
I have just realised that this is the third recent purchase that I've mentioned. But let's get one thing straight, this is the only eye liner of any kind that has managed to convert me for more than a week! I have previously used the odd pencil, liquid liner and even felt tip for a few days and got bored. This gel on the other hand hasn't left my lid since first use. Daily cat eyes, easy peasy!

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation.
I have already mentioned this foundation as part of my recent purchases. That's product number four. So instead of repeating myself I'm just going to say I haven't used anything else since. I thought that I loved healthy mix, but this blows everything from Bourjois out of the park! I know that a lot of bloggers have already flooded the Internet with reviews. If anyone would like to see the opinion from someone with quite troubled skin and an active lifestyle then let me know in the comments below. (By active I mean long shifts, and lectures facing the wrath of central heating.)

What have you been loving throughout October? What do you think of the recent releases?

Gem. x