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With The Chill Comes Change!

I always say that I'm going to eat healthier or keep positive in every situation. But of course never do. The weather is changing and so am I! This month I've decided to break the bad habits and improve my lifestyle one baby step at a time. Starting with the beauty bits, who can really keep up a diet at Christmas anyway? 

1. Keep my fingertips in shape! 
I only really moisturise when I need to, which I know is terrible. But it's not really my palms etc that suffer. My fingertips, especially around my nails can get quite dry. So to help eliminate that problem I'm going to make sure I moisturise morning, lunchtime and evening. As well as using an oil as part of my daily routine to really soothe the skin around my nails. 

2. Don't forget the brows!
I am useless with my eyebrows, I leave them for so long that I look at tweezers and make an appointment to get them threaded. This cannot go on any longer. I am going to make sure I top up my eyebrows every Sunday as part of my pamper time, if any. I must remember that eyebrows shape your face, wolf brows are not acceptable.

3. Just because it's cold doesn't mean I can abandon my legs. 
Now that winter is here you can say good bye to dry skin as I wrap up warm for all occasions. I've realised that I do neglect my legs in terms of moisturising them. I don't mean to, just it's too cold to faff around in the bathroom. So to try and combat a potentially dry pair I'm going to keep moisturiser next to my bed to remind me to use it. I found that it really helps to have something at arms length. 

4. Cleanse every night, no exceptions.
I have a confession. If I'm really tired I just use Bioderma to take off my makeup and go to bed. It's probably why I have such horrible breakouts, but I'm lazy. So throughout November I'm going to try and cleanse every night without fail! I know that for some this may seem easy but I find it hard to take eyeliner off when I've had a few glasses of wine. 

5. Bloglovin for breakfast.
Sometimes I'm a bit late on the bandwagon. Here and there I miss amazing products that are completely sold out b the time I go on a search. And so my final goal is to catch up with bloglovin every morning whilst on my travels, this way not only will be be keeping myself up to date but I will never be short for inspiration! 

What do you want to improve on? Do you have any pre new year goals?

Gem. X