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Recommended Gifts for the Sensible.

The past week has been a ramble of posts about the gift sets and limited edition packages that I'm assuming everyone will receive. I am guilty of this, remember my Christmas With Debenhams post? I do enjoy the odd mini and bath bomb selection but I wouldn't personally ask for them. Which is what got me thinking, what have I bought that I would recommend to others? Isn't Christmas the perfect time to pass on your suggestions? Within reason of course.

These are the products that I can recommend for my more sensible friends. The ones who buy Elle every month and keep their phone cases pristine. The first would be a good read in this particular case Alexa Chung IT, for fashion and non-fashion lovers alike this is a great 'coffee shop' book. I've been catching up in bite size chunks whilst in bed, light a candle, mug in hand, ahhhh.

This one is for the Blondies, or not. John Frieda has changed my hair, I don't think I could ever buy another brand of shampoo or conditioner for permanent use. With so many options available there is something for everyone. I hear the volume range is amazing, (currently on my list) and to keep them hooked it's completely affordable. None of this once it's gone it's gone rubbish. I have a particular light haired friend with this in mind, she'll probably want some miracle hair growth as well!

Some people think that makeup is a no go because everyone has their own preferences. And to some extent I completely agree, I'd be open to a few things the rest I'm pretty particular about. The three main products that have really made an impact on my makeup routine are three simple products. A healthy glowing base, a cream eyeshadow and a lip crayon. All can be loved by any, it's just the colours and shades that you need to get right. To be honest I know my friends skin tones and preferences like the back of my hand, so I can probably get away with this and I'm guessing that a few others could too. If not, stick to neutrals. I find that you can never go wrong with a cream to taupe cream eye shadow. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo range has been the best that I've tried and last for ages! For the lips most brands have a version that is just as creamy and moisturising as the next, I personally think that Bourjois have got the best colour selection, with Revlon coming in very close. Finally the base, this can be a tad harder, The Bourjois Happy Light has a very small colour range but has an incredible formula, others that give a similar healthy glow is the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. Between the selection I'm almost positive you'll be able to find the perfect match. 

I think a selection would make a really great present, or even a mix and match. I know that I'm giving some of these as a bundle to someone. Shouldn't say who because this is the internet, but I know that she is going to love it!

What would you pass on to your loved ones? Have you given a selection style present to someone before?

Gem. x