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Ciate Mini Mani, in January?

Throughout December I was overcome with jealousy. You must all know by now that I am a nail polish addict, I can't help myself I feel like I need to collect every one. As Intagram and Bloglovin' filled with daily posts on the Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar I was pushed further and further to order myself one. £42?! I don't think so, I couldn't justify it so close to Christmas. But a month later here it is... 

Scene: 27th December, a girl sips her coffee whilst reading the latest book to her collection. She could hear excitement in another room, the kind of joy that comes from sales. Where my parents live this could only mean one thing, we are going to John Lewis. 

Drama aside, but greatly needed. I trotted around John Lewis searching for some bargains. None, zip, nada, we have come too late. In Suffolk the majority of John Lewis stores are on a site full of lots of other stores, they are usually within driving reach. And because of the surrounding villages, can get really busy. In the car home, more disappointed than ever I thanked the modern day and had a look online. There it was, my precious. Then and there I ordered one, available to 'pick up in your nearest John Lewis store tomorrow.' I can't remember that last time that something made me so happy. At that point the sales were worth it. 

Twenty four beautiful shades, all varying in texture and purpose. I love each and every one. With a choice between a warm or cool manicure (pictured above) you know that this selection will have you sorted. I know that most people never get through an entire bottle of nail varnish, but I do, quite frequently. I think my average is now repainting my nails every 2-3 days, not because I have to but because I want to. It calms me knowing that I have a fresh perfect manicure. So my theory is that if I really like a colour to the point that it runs out, I'll just buy a full size, the colours I don't use as much will obviously stay small. What's the point in loving a colour if you don't repurchase it? 

"Life's too short to wear boring nail polish." - Ciate

The Basics
Speed Coat - A relatively fast drying top coat, add some gloop for a nice thick layer.
Underwear - Another fast drying base coat to smooth out nails and protect from staining. 

The Silver Glitters
Snow Globe - A mini mani regular, thick glitter reflecting pink, blue and green hues.
Locket - A medium silver glitter suspended in fine particles, great for an accent nail. 
Confetti - My favourite, a fine glitter with two layers of this your nails could stop traffic!
Fit for a Queen - The smallest and most compact, this is a stand alone polish with serious edge.

The Pastels
Pillow Fight - A grey with purple undertones, great or days when you class not strawberry shortcake. 
Pepperminty - The brightest of the pastels, but has somehow made mint fun!
Sugar Plum - Your typical Lilac, the kind you had your room painted as a child. Memories.
Ferris Wheel - A sky blue that screams spring time, Baby lambs everywhere have a bow in this shade.
Amazing Gracie - Oh amazing she is, a subtle baby pink that will absorb you like a marshmallow. 

The Nudes
Ivory Queen - A nude embraced with a hint of golden shimmer. 
Members Only - Essentially a lighter shade but with more glitter. (Disappointing, get your own thing)

The Reds
Boudoir - You couldn't define a more sexy red, this is Louboutin red. 
Play Date - A bight coral that is perfect for the summer months.
Encore! - An almost dirty orange, don't let that put you off its a satsuma on a rainy day. 
Hopscotch - A bright orange the demands attention! Tip: would look great on sandy toes!
Kiss Chase - A bubble gum pink that screams barbie, and the prays on the love of girly girls.

The Specials
Party Shoes - A medium-thin gold glitter with a blue/purple hue of reflection. Great top coat!
Jingle Belle - A fine pink glitter that adds incredible texture. Press into wet polish for its full effect.
Miss Mistletoe - Red, pink and gold sequins. Either cover the nail completely or use with nail art.
Frost Yourself - The famous Caviar Pearls in a royal blur and silver. Stunning!
Christmas Tree Caviar - Again this is what Ciate are famous for. Green, red and gold pearls. Lush!
Serendipity - The full size, a fine pink glitter that will make any girl weak at the knees! 

All in all I am impressed! They all look so gorgeous that I now want to show them off to the world, I need some kind of nail varnish display/storage in my bedroom that people can be jealous of. I've seen a few wall mounted ones that look incredible, maybe in a book case, who knows. If you have any suggestion people let me know, I've been scrolling though Pintrest for days and could really use some help!

What colours do you like the best? Do you repurchase nail varnish once you've used it completely?

If like me you have been lusting over this then I am the barer of great news! Ciate actually have them in stock on their website for £21, at 87p a polish you can't go wrong. Quick before they're gone!

Gem. x