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Diptyque Paris Mimosa Room Spray .

I have had this on my bedside table since August, and only now feel that I can actually conjure up the words to do it justice. This is not just a room spray, it's a mood lifter, peace maker, stress fighter and so much more. For what seemed like a pricey purchase at the time, it couldn't be more of a bargain. So what's the big deal?

When I wake up and choose my outfit for the day, they get a spritz. When I arrive back home and my bedroom needs a quick tidy, a few more spritzes. Changed the bedsheets? Spritz spritz. And just before I slip into bed, you guessed it the scent of Mimosa fills the air as I sip at fruit tea and tap away on my iPad. I don't think a day has gone buy when I haven't used this, and I'm only a third of the way into it. That's the thing about high quality scents, they are packed to the brim with pure excitement that lasts for hours. I've used this on a scarf and still been able to smell it a few days later. Thats loyalty.

The best way to describe this scent is with imagination. So go with the flow on this, close your eyes picture yourself walking through the country side, bare foot, flowing dress. You can feel the suns power on your skin, as a gentle breeze refreshes you. The scent of nearby fields fills your mind with freshly cut hay. You walk along side a river, the journey from hilltops into the sea emulsifies you. Inhaling positive energy from nearby wildlife, the honey bee hard at work and the bundles of Mimosa flowers as bright as ever brings warmth. The day is only beginning.

"The mimosa is a tiny, velvety yellow bud that is most commonly found on the French Riviera in early winter. Its scent, very characteristic, is flowery and sweet." - Space NK 
"Mimosa flowers brimming with the scent of hay and honey, dotting hills with the sea in the distance" - Diptuque

This is only the beginning of my love for Diptique. I think it will have to be a perfume next, and maybe small candle. Who knows, I may get overwhelmed and buy five of everything. If my bank account will allow that! As a tip, if your on the look out for a certain scent make your way to a store who has a specific scent assistant. I purchased mine from Liberty's which has an entire room dedicated to Diptyque. You can discuss your preferences and lifestyle which is followed by a lot of sniff testing. Walk around outside with it for a few hours, how does it wear, do you still enjoy it at the end of the day? Once you've found the perfect scent you can fall in love with it as much as I have. 

Do you have a favourite scent that you can rely on? What do you think of room sprays?

Gem. x