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Bourjois Appreciation Week!

Loving a brand of makeup is almost like loving a food chain, or coffee shop. Scene: the high street, Eat, Cafe Nero, Starbucks, Costa, Pret a Manger. These are all chains that people have a preference towards, don't even get me started on the best coffee debate! I find this similarly in boots, the cosmetic isles are full of girls that always walk towards a particular brand. I without knowing walk into boots on autopilot, I know the isles, the steps from Benefit to Smashbox. Two big one small. And without realising walk straight to the Bourjois shelves. I have everything I need, but I sometimes like to look for new shades, formulas or even just to show my appreciation. In a drugstore stand off I would be wearing a Bourjois badge. 

And so with a massive order underway, I thought that I would dedicate this weeks posts to The brand itself.

1. Which Bourjois Foundation Are You?
2. The Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder Compact.
3. The Bourjois Happy Light Concealer.
4. My Most Loved.

What's your favourite drugstore brand? Do you find yourself walking through boot's on auto pilot?

Gem. x