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Soap and Glory Lipstick ft The Missing Pink.

As my bank account slowly dwindled down to nothing, I had to complete a mission. If your a usual here then you will know that I am truly committed to the Dior Addict Lipsticks. Alas, my favourite shade is on it's last legs and I need find a suitable replacement. After what seemed like weeks of searching I haven't quite found a replacement, but I do have a couple of lipsticks that I like enough to actually put in my handbag!

This has actually changed the way I think about other lipsticks. They aren't all bad, some just take warming up to. And this is definitely one of them. No shimmer, bog standard colour, why did I pick this up again? Because the formula is great. Most lipsticks don't sit well with lip balms, whereas this one just sits down and starts making friends. Containing Shea Butter, Monoi Butter and Vitamin E this gives you soft, smooth, dewey lips. Whilst the "Ulimelt" lip shine & shaping technology and 3-D "Plump" peptide complex"plump your colour-fill pout with a satin finish. 

Once you've broken the initial new lipstick shape this glides onto the lips so easily and leave the most gorgeous natural colour. I have a problem with sometimes my lips looking too pale, which is why this is perfect for just putting the life back into my face. It's simply an amazing feeling to whip on a layer of this and to look like you've come back holiday stress free. It's my handbag perk-her-upper. With other gorgeous shades available - pinks, nudes and reds - I may actually step out in something a little more dramatic.

Another surprise was it's gorgeous packaging. For a high street purchase this isn't contained in a horrible plastic casing. The black and gold metal instantly feel high quality, the click is nice and strong, (you know how important that is) and of course the branding is to die for. Look, it's on the lipstick! This is one of the many little details that make all the difference.

My faith is officially restored, thank you Soap & Glory! 

Have you tried any of their lipsticks? What do you think of this high street packaging? 

Gem. x