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The Sick Day.

As I surround myself with tissues, books and pleas for more tea I know that these bedside products will pull me through. It's a horrible thing being ill, no one looks or feels their best, silence is a hard thing and no matter how much you try it seems like nothing will help! Symptoms: headache, tiredness, sore throat, blocked nose, check check a million times check! 

In times like these I have a list of essentials that get me through the day as easily as possible. Of course what we all need is a clean environment, I need a clean everything when I'm ill. Fresh pyjamas, tidy bedroom, clean sheets, fresh candle and ventilation. It seems like a lot to ask for but knowing that I won't have to worry and feeling peaceful helps me to relax and recover quicker. If I'm feeling strong I'll do this myself, if not this is where the "too sick to function" voice comes into play!

Speaking of clean I always like to have a fresh face, normally I would turn to Bioderma but I've been favouring the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water recently. I just soak two cotton pads and rest over my eyes for a second before sweeping over my entire face and neck. Ahh, fresh! Second on my skincare list the Trilogy Rosehip Oil. I just use a few drops of this to give my skin some love, as well as keeping dry skin at bay. This feels so light and breathable that that I always have to stop myself going back for more. 

My mug of choice is always something cute and girly, the boy knows which ones are my favourite. Hearts, flowers, you know the ones that definitely cost more than most meals out. A nice steaming cup of fruit tea, my favourite this morning is a blackberry and raspberry tea. It's like warm Robinson's juice that soothes and hugs my throat. If I take a nap, which is almost every few hours then I like to wind down with some nighttime tea. The ones from puka are my favourite, they leave this silky smooth feeling in my throat that I have never had with any other tea! I have a mug every night, but I really appreciate them more when I need them. 

My last beauty must have is a reliable lip balm. I always find my lips get the brute of an illness, and so my strawberry balmi is firmly in hand. This is going to sound odd but sometimes I find lip balms hard to get into when I'm ill. Twist it, flip it, pull it, BOP IT! In all seriousness I just need some fuss free love for my lips, and balmi is just that, I can't loose it in bed, worry about leaving the lid off and it all leaking out or squeezing out too much and having to use a precious tissue to get it off. 

Amongst this ever growing list you of course need a few more bits and bobs to see you through a good book/entertainment. I currently have Twenty Times a Lady on my bedside table ready for when I finish my nap. Some warm socks, there is nothing worse than a tiled floor when your ill so make sure you have some fluffy companions to hand. And last but not least the contents of a pharmacy! I have everything from sniffing salts to cold & flu tablets from olbas oil to paracetamol. If the four to six hours are up you can bet I'll be taking some more. One sick day is enough! 

What do you rely on when your ill? Have you felt the wrath of January yet?

Gem. X