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Lauren's Way Darker than Dark Glam Tan, Care and Prep.

The sun is out, the birds are chirping and every day calls for a lemonade. This can only mean one thing, spring is here and it's time to skip into the summer wardrobe! Shorts, skirts, lace dresses (I am actually screaming inside) you name it I'll be wearing it. Seeing as I am a spitting image of my mother I have been blessed cursed with her paleness. Damn you freakishly English roots! And of course with England highs of 30 degrees I won't be able to change that any time soon, or so I thought.

I was invited to celebrate the launch of the latest fake tan on the market. Lauren's Way Darker than Dark Glam Tan.* Located in a bar just minutes away from Liverpool Street Station was a crowed of eager ladies waiting to see the next big thing. If you haven't seen hundreds of before and after leg shots on twitter I suggest you search #LWTan. And prepare to fall in love.

The beautiful Lauren Goodger has brought the 'Essex' look to us, perfectly formulated, packaged and at a price we can dance about. Each product comes in a classic white bottle with glossy labelling, this to me was vital, no ones like messy bottles and this is so easy to wipe over a pop back onto your shelf. As you can see from the photograph above some of the gold lettering has started to rub off, but that just shows how loved it is!

I had the pleasure of using their Tan Care and Prep range for the full LW experience. Of course we all know to exfoliate before applying tan, this gets rid of the dead skin and helps to keep your tan looking fresher for longer. Now I currently have 3 different exfoliators in my bathroom, but nothing like this. The LW Body Polish* is specially formulated with small crystals which has the same effect as some of my harsher products and still gave my skin that silky smooth feeling. I buffed my body in stages, one leg, two leg, tummy etc and then washed it off in the shower. Stage one of prep complete. 

The second addition is their LW Tan Enhancing Moisturiser.* It's formula is lightweight, non sticky and absorbs into the skin within seconds. No dancing around your bedroom, unless its with joy. I used a thin layer all over my body, made a cup of tea, got the mitt and baby wipes ready and then went over dry patches again. This was my knees, elbows, feet, hairline and ankles. Once that is dry stage two of prep is complete and your ready for tan!

The tan itself comes in multiple formulations and three shades, so there's something to suit everyone. The Glam Tan comes in a spray pump bottle for easy (and mess free) application. Just spray a few pumps onto the mitt and your good to go. I always start from the bottom up, and found this video great for showing me how it's done. I always buff this into my skin to ensure even coverage and this was particularly easy to use. The guide colour is strong enough to see exactly what your doing and isn't that different from the actual colour once you wash it off. I always apply this before bed, change into some loose fitting pyjamas and sleep over the eight hour developing time. Once I wake up I wash the guide colour off in the shower. Moisturise using the LW Tan Enhancing Moisturiser and I'm beach ready! The colour that I was left with wasn't too dark for me, it wasn't orange or brown. I looked sun kissed, post holiday and most of all natural. The 'darker than dark' colour really comes out once you get confident in using more product, but I happily used lighter layers once I first started using it. Photo below.

The first few times I used this I was too scared to put it on my face, after all I was using the 'darker than dark' formula, but after gaining some confidence I bought a fresh mitt, sprayed a few pumps and buffed onto my face making sure that everything was perfect. I cleansed and prepped before hand using my usual skincare products, applied and then ditched the night-time routine to make sure it developed properly. Once I cleansed in the morning I was left with beautifully bronzed skin from head to toe. Once I was completely tanned I had people comment on my new colour and asked if I had been on sun beds! I was amazed that you can get a real tan result without the harm or hassle. 

Tip: Don't forget to use a baby wipe to clean your nails and palms of your hands. No one will know you've faked! 

I mentioned earlier that my bottle was well loved, I think since receiving this I have used it about 4/5 times. Each with the same perfect results. I did find that even with daily moisturising and care that the first parts to fade were around my bra area and along my waist where my trousers rubbed. Which is perfectly normal, just make sure to exfoliate religiously so that your tan doesn't fade in patches. I used a soft bristled brush along with the LW Body Polish to remove stubborn patches around my ankles and knees. Two shower trips and I was fresh and ready for another application. 

I can honestly say that I haven't spent a day without this on my skin since its first application. And it's not just because the weather is slowly warming. It's how being tanned makes me feel. I remember when I was about 18 one of my best friends had a professional spray tan booth at her house for a little pre holiday party. Everyone was so exited, but as a tanning virgin I just didn't understand. But three years later and with lots of experimenting I finally can. Every bruise, patch, freckle, dimple, imperfection was less so. I felt confident to get my legs out, I was suddenly wearing vest tops more often and taking my jacket off more. It's almost weird to think about it, but I honestly felt sexier. Once I washed the LW Darker than Dark Glam Tan off, I had to re-apply it. I was and still am a woman obsessed.

The boy said that of course I was being silly and that I didn't look any different with or without tan. But I felt normal, plain, boring. And as I type this I know it sounds silly, but I am so glad that I found my little confidence boost, my bottle of sexy. 

Have you tried the Lauren's Way Tan range? How do you feel when you use fake tan?

Gem. x

The entire Lauren's Way Tanning range is available on their website. Prices start from £11.95.
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*PR Samples

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the girls at Lauren's Way for involving me in everything. You have a very happy and loyal customer!

This is my famous tan line shot. The third or fourth time round I started wearing underwear that showed a bold line to remind myself how pale I am. Look at that golden colour!

This was a photo of the cutest cupcake that I got at the event, it was delicious! 

And the full sweet treat table in Dirty Martini. Very glamorous, very girly and very yummy!