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The Benefits of Avocado.

I love food and I have no shame in admitting that. My favourite food is chilled, even cold and my latest obsession is Avocado. Not only are they delicious, great on a bagel, with ham, tomato but they have a tone of benefits for your skin, hair and general health. After reading what seems like millions of articles, books and magazines I have compiled the most important things that you need to know about these little green beauties. So this post is dedicated to just that.

Smooth and Nourish Dry Skin.
Treat your skin to some natural goodness with a DIY face mask. Kim Kardashion is known for doing this as pamper too! Simply mix together avocado raw honey and yogurt to remove dead skin cells and give your skin a glow from within. You can use this mix on your face as well as your entire body. Pre shower of course.  "The glutamine amino acid present in avocados cleanses your skin and offers it enough protection against harsh environmental factors." (source)

Repair Dry and Damaged Hair. 
Another mask style trick is to mix avocado, olive oil and egg to create a pretty powerful treatment. Treat this like an intense moisturiser and apply to damp hair, leave for a long as you like and rinse off to reveal super smooth healthy locks.

Apparently avocado "benefits also include protecting your skin from wrinkles and other visible signs of aging with its antioxidant carotenoids; vitamin E which helps guard against photo-aging from sun exposure; and vitamin C which is involved in the creation of elastin and collagen for maintaining your skin’s elasticity and firmness."(source) I'm not a scientist, but I'll let you know how this plans out when I'm 80 okay?

Sunburn Relief.
Have you ever spend hours in the sun and regretted it afterwards? Me too. Another tick in the avocado box is the fact that it instantly soothes burns because of it's rich oils, just mix some up in a bowl and apply directly.

Healthy Skin, From the Inside.
If you have dull, lacking skin this may be answer to your prayers. Avocado's contain Vitamins A & E which help to give that skin the healthy glow it needs! Not to mention it's filled with nutrition, just one glass of avocado juice "can replenish your body with eleven different vitamins and fourteen vital minerals including potassium, iron, phosphorus and copper." (source)

So after writing this I am definitely craving some green goodness. To get you into the mood I have compiled a few of my favourite beauty recipes for you all to try at home. Enjoy!

Hair Mask. 
To prepare the treatment, pulverize the avocado first and then add some olive oil, yogurt and egg yolk to it. Stir well to get a consistent paste and work it over your strands evenly, covering them with a plastic wrap afterwards. Let the mixture sit in your hair for almost half an hour and then rinse thoroughly with a mild shampoo as normal. 

Body Butter. 
To create avocado body butter take one fully ripped avocado and after removing its pit and skin mash it up in a small bowl. Apply the paste onto your skin, paying enough attention to the rough skin areas like knees, heels and elbows. Let the butter exercise its magic over your skin for almost half an hour and then wash off with cool water. 

Facial Cleanser. 
First of all beat the egg until it is frothy and then add mashed avocado and milk to it. Stir the concoction to get a lotion-like consistency. Use the resultant mixture then to cleanse your face regularly. It removes harmful toxins from your skin and leaves it looking younger and radiant. 

Moisturising Eye Mask.
Avocado moisturising eye mask is best at relieving eye dehydration and irritation. Preparation of mask doesn’t involve any intricate steps, just mash up a fully ripped avocado and combine it with aloe vera gel. Stir well and spread evenly on pre cleansed under eye skin. Let it sit virtually for ten minutes and then wipe away. Splash tepid water over your face finally. 

Moisturising Facial Mask.
Take two fully ripped avocados and mash it after pitting and peeling. Now add yogurt and honey to it and stir well. Apply the paste over your face and leave it on for almost fifteen minutes. Rinse with tepid water.

Who know that one super-fruit could do so much. I always buy my avocado from Asda, two per pack, two packs for £3. What a bargain. Just try not to eat them all, save some for your hair and skin!

Have you used avocados as part of your beauty routine? If not would you consider it now?

Gem. x