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Oh Good Lord What Is That Smell? | Cheesecake Crunch Flamingo Candle.

I am candle obsessed at the moment, burning for a few hours every day and this is my current obsession! Flamingo’s Cheesecake Crunch - £12.00. Flamingo Candles has a vast collection of scents each organic, hand-poured and stamped with a quirky acrylic Flamingo in South Wales. High-five for supporting local British manufacturing! They’re the perfect ‘girly girl’ gift and this winter I finally got my hands on one.

Cheesecake Crunch is a mixture of sheer bliss and a sweet tooth. It is made with soybeans and a natural cotton wick that has up to 50 hours burn time. And with a line up of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus and caramel you can be sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

I never really thought about eco-friendly candles but after finding out that Flamingo Candles only use soybean oil I took at look at the advantages.

Its a natural renewable source.
It’s fair trade.
It’s eco-fiendly.
It’s pesticide free.
It burns cleaner.
It burns for longer.
It has a cooler burning temperature.
And is non-toxic!

Have you tried flamingo candles? Or any other soybean oil candles?

Gem. x