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Create Your Perfect Jewellery with Mink&Stone

Do you remember those little jewellery sets you get as a child, filled with hundreds of beads and threads. I would spend hours making bracelets for everyone, even my Dad would have to walk around with little plastic dolphins up to his elbows. As a child I was always creative, I still am, so when I discovered Mink&Stone I was ecstatic!

Mink&Stone is a London based brand that enables you to create custom designed jewellery from the comfort of your own home. Their personal jewellery makers hand craft your designs with high quality materials such as glass, semi precious stones, and crystal. Every bead, every spacer, everything is up to you!

With hundreds of beads to choose from and endless opportunities Mink&Stone gives you the freedom to create your own style.

How it works.

You choose the style, create a tray of beads to suit it, select stones and crystals from the materials and just drag and drop them onto the string. It's incredibly fun, choosing the final design took me almost an hour. I tried lots of different colour palettes and was able to create something perfect for me. Each piece of jewellery comes beautifully wrapped and in a soft pouch to protect it.

The 'Princess' length (pictured) is 450 mm but sizes range from 38mm-115mm. You can also create bracelets as stand alone pieces or to compliment others.

"You will always have that perfect piece of jewellery to match any outfit."  - Mink&Stone

I was instantly overwhelmed by all of the options to choose from. With a lot of simple pieces already in my jewellery collection I decided to create something with a touch of colour. As Valentines Day grows closer I decided to add purple/pink glass hearts to my already silver and glass princess necklace. And I couldn't be happier.

That's the great thing about Mink&Stone, when you've put so much effort into something (matching up the beads will bring out the OCD  in everyone) it's something to be proud of, it's something special. And it definitely something that you'll go back to. I've already made plans for a matching bracelet and a little something for an upcoming birthday!

Or try it for yourself.

What do you think about designing your own jewellery?

Gem. x

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