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#facemaskfriday | Timeless Truth Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask

Over the last few years Asian beauty trends have made their way to the UK. When they first landed, facial sheet masks were considered a luxury item and the prices reflected it. But as time has passed I have seen more affordable options. Beauty Masks Ltd have an amazing range to suit a large range of skin types and concerns. One brand in particular is Timeless Truth, their signature sheet masks are soaked in serum and designed to fit the contours all face shapes. 

I was drawn to their Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask - £4.95*, specifically designed for those with Congested skin or those who live in high pollution areas. As luxurious as London may sound it's very dirty and full of pollution. This was just what my skin needed. 

First of all, I love the convenience of these. There is no fussing around with tubes or brushes and no sink mess! Each mask comes folded with backing plastic and soaked in serum. After applying to my face and removing the backing I was surprised at how well this fit my face. The mouth piece was a tad big but covered my chin well and stayed on without too much fuss.

I did some washing and household work whilst I waited for 20 minutes. Eagerly awaiting my skin transformation. Upon removing I was shocked at how much serum was on my skin, I thought 'there is no way my skin will absorb this'. But boy was I wrong.

I didn't think my skin was that thirsty until I tried this mask. And the next morning revealed all the changes. My skin felt soft and hydrated. And lightened? Call me crazy but I feel like my skin looked dull and grey before using this. I was shocked to see a brightness to my face, almost glowing.

I had put the packaging with left over serum in the fridge and used it the next day as part of my morning routine. As the serum dries the skin feel tightened without the mask, but quickly eases up and leaves your skin feeling nourished.

Another thing to note is that these put me at ease hygiene wise. I hate the idea of slapping something on my face that could have gone off or could be out of date. And with a one use life span these are perfect to keep in your bathroom cabinets for when the pampering mood strikes.

I've always been scared to use a serum, too many products on my skin tends to overwhelm me. And I definitely didn't expect such a positive change in my skin. But after these results, I will definitely be using a mask like this on a monthly basis.

What do you think about sheet masks? Are there any other Asian beauty trends you want to try?

Gem. x