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The Body Shop Haul & Mini Review

The Body Shop amazes me with it's offers, I mean does anyone ever pay full price? I always wait for a good offer to buy everything I need and this time I took full advantage of their Spend £50 Save £25! And I filled my basket with summer essentials and new products.

Hemp Soap on a Rope - £7.00

Apart from the fact that this looks like a Cannabis leaf (the boy found it hilarious), this is a must have in any shower. It lathers surprisingly well and has a subtle hemp scent that doesn't linger on the skin for too long. This isn't as drying as other soaps I've tried ad it leaves a nice finish to the skin, but I would recommend using the Hemp Body Butter afterwards. The scent will stick around for longer and you wont have to worry about any dry limbs.

Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash - £8.50

This is heavenly. For a start, this smells like babies. Freshly washed and powdered babies that come and give your skin a cuddle every time you wash your face. Secondly, this leaves such a great finish to my skin. It feels super smooth and brightens up my skin. Any red patches seem to fade and rough patches diminished.

Ultra Fine Bath Lily in White - £2.00

These are my favourite kind of loofahs or bath lilys, whatever you want to call them. They're beautifully soft and lather product well. Plus they come in lots of cute colours!

Warming Mineral Mask - £10.00 

(Backstory: When I was a teenager my best friend's mum had this. And we would sneak into the bath room to 'mask up'. We would sit in bed plucking eyebrows, painting nails and watching cheesy films, whilst drinking coffee.)  

This mask is a trip down memory lane, not only the warm tingle on my skin but the way it looks afterward. (As a teenager I had amazing skin, then I started wearing makeup. The irony.) Blemishes aside my skin looks and feel great after using this. Smooth, hydrated, pure almost.

Bath Gloves in White - £4.00

As summer approaches I've been keeping up with my tanning routine. Pale skin really doesn't appeal to me right now and these gloves are a great way to exfoliate and prep my skin for an even tan.

Aloe Soothing Day Cream - £11.00

Every moisturiser I have tried prior to this hates me. When my skin is dry it's smooth and clear but tight and dull. Other moisturisers would plump it up but leave redness and blemishes. This however is simple and specifically designed for sensitive skin. It's fragrance, colour and alcohol-free and has no added preservatives. Oh and my skin LOVES it!

File a Foot - £5.00

One essential for the warmer months is soft feet. Be prepared people, that's all I'm going to say.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in 01 Light Matte - £13.00

Pale girls, if it hasn't already this is going to rock your world! I came across this Get The Gloss post and apparently contouring can look forced on pale skin because naturally it has no warmth. So the best thing to use is a pale bronzer, something you can build up. The Light Matte shade is renowned for being a go to for pale skin. And rightly so. It blends beautifully and gives this round faced girl some cheekbones!

Have you taken advantage of the recent offers? What are your favourite Body Shop products?

Gem. x