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Adding Sparkle To My Style | Buckley London

Having a very minimalist approach to clothes means that I always look plain. Plain and boring. One thing I have been trying lately is amping up the sparkle. It's a slow process, especially when your not used to wearing jewellery. But I'm really enjoying it and Buckley London has some fantastic pieces to help get you back into the swing of things.

Earrings are the simplest way to add that something. You wouldn't believe the difference they make, I went from a plain jane to looking like I had made an effort. Dare I say it, I looked ready! 

These Buckley London Brilliant Cut One Carrot Stud Earings - £25.00* are the perfect every day earring. At 6.5mm these Cubic Zirconia are the equivalent stone size to a one carrot diamond. You can look the part without the price tag! Each stud is plated in pure rhodium which increases their durability and shine. This will of course wear down with time, as does most plated jewellery, but means that they'll stay in good condition for a year or so.

Stacking bracelets have seriously caught my eye recently. I love the idea of wearing different styles and these Buckley London Sparkle Mesh Bracelets - £24.99* are beautiful. Each pack contains three hearts and kisses bracelets, they are picked completely at random and come in a variety of colours, gold, black rhodium, rose gold or rhodium tone. There is a selection of hand-set crystal charms, either a heart, circle or cross. I love the element of surprise and have already recommended them, they would make lovely gifts either as a set or separately as party favours.

I have been paring the gold and rose gold with my Kate Spade watch, they've been my go to sparkle for weeks now. So many people have asked about these, I think they'll be a spring favourite!

I had originally stopped wearing earrings and most jewellery in general because it became a hassle. I would fall asleep and it was uncomfortable or I would wear them in the shower and they would loose their finish. But now I have learnt to keep a dish on my bedside table and in the bathroom, to keep everything safe. 

What do you think of these pieces from Buckley London? How do you add sparkle to your style?

Gem. x

*PR Sample