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Falling In Love With Argan! | Argan Dew

Recently I've moved away from the big city and settled down in a small town. And as much as I love walks by the river and outdoor seating my hair has suffered. As I sit inside there are 28 mph winds. I've said goodbye to lip gloss and polished curls, but I haven't had to say goodbye to my healthy hair. Thanks to two amazing products from Argan Dew.

The Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil - $39.00* has rescued my dry, damaged hair. The formula acts as a daily double action treatment. Suitable for all hair types this rehydrates dull and damaged hair as well as repairing and nourishing each strand. From the first use I saw a dramatic change in my hair. The ends appeared finer giving my hair a fresh clean cut look. People even commented on my new hairstyle. 

I used this every day for two weeks and only used one sachet. My hair is quite fine but I found a little goes a long way. After washing and blow drying my hair I take a small amount and run this through from top to bottom (avoiding the roots). I find the heat helps the oil sink into my hair. On days where I don't wash my hair I rub a small amount in my hands to warm it up and run it through the ends.

After a fews days my hair was soft to touch, amazing! By week two I had even stopped using conditioner. My hair feels incredible! I've used other oils before but I haven't managed to stick to it. After a week without using the Mirculous Argan Oil I was already opening the second sachet and adding the full size bottle to my shopping list. 

On my break week I decided to try the Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask - $44.00*. This mask smells amazing for a start. Using this in the shower made my bathroom feel like a spa. Definitely something to use as part of a weekend pamper. Made from pure Argan Oils this helps to restore your hair as well as protecting it from future damage. The formula leaves a protecting moisturing shield to protect your hair from daily styling and natural elements. 

As winds got harsher, this mask worked wonders for my hair. It was thin and lifeless, blowing in every direction like static. After one use this gave my hair so much volume I wash shocked at the difference. My curls would last longer even without hairspray. I  used one sachet per use and found that for my fine hair it was more than enough. 

Since switching to clean hair products I was glad to see that all Argan Dew products are also SLS, SLES, parapen and alcohol free.

After falling in love with all things Argan I've been looking into other types of oils and I can't wait to dive in hair first! 

Update! The lovely people at Argan Dew are offering all Slightgem readers 20% discount. Click here and use the promotional code argandew. 

What do you think of the Argan Dew range? How do you rescue your dry hair? 

Gem. X

*PR Sample