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NEW IN | Burberry Kisses Lipsticks

I love miniatures! Lets face it, who doesn't. And these miniature Burberry Kisses Lipsticks have been lighting up my dresser ever since they arrived! I'm typically a Dior lipstick kind of girl, I always go back to the same shades, the same formulas and basically ignore everything else. That is until I tried these little gems. For the first time ever, I have something else floating around the bottom of my handbag. And I love it!

When I heard about the Burberry Kisses release campaign I was straight on twitter. For those of you that don't know Burberry is seriously killing it with their social media. And for this launch they offered twitter users the chance to nominate someone special. The person nominated would get the chance to receive a complimentary deluxe sample in a shade of their choice.

Even though the boy does not use twitter, he kindly logged on to help the cause. And even chose a shade to be sent to his house too, what a keeper!


First things first, Burberry packaging is gorgeous. The weighty compacts and famous lipstick clicks have been raved about by the entire internet. And even though these are samples, the packaging does not disappoint. The miniature packaging is plastic, not metal, but it is just as gorgeous. I actually struggled to get the lid off at first, which to some may be annoying but I am so glad that there's no chance of a rouge lid in my handbag. The click is real! This even has the typical Burberry checked engravings on the casing and the lipstick itself. 

Each full size lipstick has 3.3g worth of product, and the sample? A fantastic 1g. Considering these were completely free I was so pleased to see a good amount of product. 


Onto the shades. I wanted to compare a bold colour to a typical sheer one. Nudge Beige 01 is exactly what you would expect. I was worried that it wouldn't suit my pale skin, but after a few applications I found that it looks best paired with a smokey eye or winged liner. Military Red 109 is a warm shade that seriously brightens your face. After popping this on I couldn't help but smile. It's your typical Taylor red.

The entire line has 28 shades to choose from, ranging from pale pinks, corals, peaches and darker shades. If you have access to a counted I would definitely take a look!


Even after all of this, it was the formula that really blew me away. I love a sheer lipstick, they're fuss free, easy to reapply and usually pack a lot of moisture. The Kisses range are built to be build-able. The idea behind them is that you can create multiple looks from one lipstick. One swipe for a sheer wash of colour, two for a pop of colour and three for a sold bold lip.

This worked for Nude Beige, I started with a very light layer and ended the night with a full on nude lip! However unless you have perfectly smooth lips, one layer of military red can appear patchy and uneven. After playing around for a bit I found that when using a primer, just pop a little on the lips as well and It does help the colour to apply evenly. Other than that both shades applied beautifully.

They're super hydrating (enriched with a blend of tea, lavender and rosehip) and surprisingly last fairly well. I found that both needed reapplying after a few hours or so. But the formula is so soft and build-able that you won't have to make a bathroom trip. 

Even though they are polar opposites their build up, wear, and longevity is exactly the same. It seems that the formula really is consistent throughout the range. 

 Military Red 109 | Nudge Beige 01
(Both swatches at full coverage)

As far as miniature lipsticks go, I've had a teeny tiny Tom Ford in my collection for a few months now and I'm only a third of the way through it. It's reassuring to know that these aren't one pop wonders and that I'll be able to get a good feel for them before I obviously go and purchase the full size. 

For £25.00 these definitely aren't the cheapest luxury lipsticks, but they're not the most expensive either. With 28 shades to choose from and so multiple ways to wear them, these really are the one Spring release that I urge everyone to try!

What do you think of this Burberry release campaign? Have you tried the new Kisses range?

Gem. x