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How I Clean My Make Up Brushes.

For the past two days my foundation has been an absolute bugger to apply! And then it hit me. As some of you may know I use a spot cleaner when changing between products. But at the end of every month I take ten minutes out of my day to give my brushes a deep clean. Dirty brushes not only house bacteria but they can do some damage to your make up application. So I thought I would share some quick and easy tips to keep them in tip top condition.

First of all lets talk soap. For both natural and synthetic brushes you will need a mild soap. I used to use the Johnson's Baby Shampoo, it was super cheap and long lasting. But once it was time to repurchase I decided to invest in something a little better. 

I now use the Dr Bronner Liquid Soap. My favourite is the Baby Mild version, it's fragrance free and is packed with certified organic oils. This gets down into the bristles and lathers beautifully. Not only is it great for my make up brushes, it has plenty of other uses too! A few to name are, washing your face, body, hair, hands, for bathing, shaving, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, doing laundry and so many more! 

So lets get into those all important deep cleaning tips...

  1. Rinse your brushes under lukewarm running water. Hold your brushes bristle down, this way you can concentrate on the bristles and avoid water getting into the handle. (This can loosen the glue over time and cause your brushes to shed.)
  2. Pop a tiny amount of soap into your palm and give the damp brush a good swirl. Keep going until it lathers up nicely. You should see the product coming out at this point. 
  3. Now holding your hand under the running water keep swirling the brush in your hand. Rinse all the soap out and squeeze out any excess water using your other hand. (Like squeezing toothpaste.)
  4. If the water you squeezed out isn't clear repeat step two and three again until it is. Sometimes my larger brushes require a couple of goes.
  5. Reshape the bristles using clean hands and lay them down on a towel. Do not put them upright as the water will run down into the handle and you know what that does! I find that most brushes take a couple of hours to dry but I usually leave them over night just to make sure.

And there you have it, good as new! 

How often do you deep clean your make up brushes? Are they in need of a good cleaning?

Gem. x

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