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Summer Holidays | Packing Tips & Checklist!

As you may have noticed I've been offline for the past week. But for a good reason, planning lots of lovely holiday themed posts. The first in this Summer Holiday series is full to the brim with packing tips, tricks and that all important checklist. 

When I met the boy I had everything packed for our holiday, in my carry on believe it or not. He was gobsmacked by how little I had. And then even more surprised by how much came out of it! There are so many simple things you can do to organise and optimise your space, whatever the luggage allowance. 

Prep Before You Pack.

  1. Get a gel manicure and pedicure before you leave. It's less hassle and long lasting. 
  2. Use a pill case or sample pots to store smaller jewellery. 
  3. Thread necklaces through a straw to stop them from tangling.
  4. Keep any liquids in contact cases. Foundation in one side, moisturiser in the other. Genius! 
  5. Reusing sample pots is also a great time saver. Be sure to label them with permanent marker.
  6. To stop any bottles from leaking, unscrew the cap, cover with a square of plastic and pop the lid back on. Even if the cap opens it won't leak.
  7. Protect powders from cracking by placing cotton pads on top of them.

Utilise Your Space.

  1. When packing clothes that wrinkle easily, lay them flat in a dry cleaner bag and roll. This will stop any creases from settling in. Once you arrive take them out and hand straight away.
  2. Roll your clothing instead of folding.
  3. Fold your bikinis and underwear, scrunching takes up more room than you think.
  4. Pack small items like vest tops and underwear in your shoes.
  5. If your packing any breakables, pop them in a sock!
  6. Slide bobby pins onto any make up/wash bag pockets.
  7. Wear any bulky whilst flying. Chances are your going to get cold from the air con anyway.
  8. Always pack your carry with an emergency set of clothes. I've had airports loose my luggage before and I'm telling you it is not fun. I always include a dress, swimwear, underwear and a casual outfit.

I've put together a full packing checklist so that you can start organising before you raid your wardrobe. I like to tick off and put aside as many non-clothing items as I can before hand. 

What are your packing tips? Have you got any holidays planned this summer?

Gem. x

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