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A Beautiful Kitchen Indeed | Inspire Me Brightening & Toning Body Soufflé

For the past month my skin has been spoilt. I've mentioned before that I usually neglect my limbs. I used to moisturise every day without fail, and then it became time consuming. I valued the extra 10 minutes in bed more than I did smooth skin. And it finally caught up with me. But in just over a month my limbs are looking better than ever and it's all thanks to Beauty Kitchen.

If you've been living under a rock, or like me neglect your limbs, Beauty Kitchen is an amazing brand that produces products that work, smell great, look great, are good value for money and most importantly are good to the environment. They're also available in selected Holland & Barrett stores across the UK! I already have plans to visit their beauty station in the brand new free from H&B store. There is a little sneak peak from Becky (glutenfreecuppatea) here.

I always try to lightly exfoliate my skin twice a week. Especially the back of my arms as I had slight little bumps that were not attractive. Removing the dead skin is essential so that the fresh skin can absorb products more effectively.

But from so much exfoliation and little to no moisturising my skin became dry and had red patches in some places. It was a mess! I didn't have long to get my body beach ready and had a serious panic. That is until I started using this. 

The Inspire Me Brightening and Toning Body Soufflé - £14.99* contains Shea butter, grapefruit and lemongrass. As you can imagine this smells ah-mazing, super fresh and uplifting! I find that as I massage this into the skin the scent kind of bursts and then settles down once it's dried.

Every day after showering I take 5 minutes to massage this into my skin. Within a week my skin was looking and feeling beautifully smooth. And more recently I've noticed that my red patches and bumpy arms have almost disappeared. 

I was a bit sceptical about It's brightening and toning claims, but after such fantastic results in a month I can see this stepping up to the mark. I've already popped a note into my calendar to update you on any long term improvements in two months time, so keep an eye out for that one!

Overall, this is a fabulous product. It does what it says on the label, smells great, has fantastic reusable packaging and is good to the environment. Don't forget that you can use your Holland and Barrett points to make this a little cheaper. But at just £14.99 for 200ml I wouldn't even stress about it.

What do you think about environmentally friendly products? Have you upped your body care routine in time for summer?

Gem. x

* PR Sample