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Simple, Sweet & Comforting | JOIK Sensuelle Candle

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. Being a student these past three years meant that communal areas were not the cleanest, or the nicest to be in. And so I've got used to doing everything in my own space. One of the things I love having around is a pretty candle. Something nice to look at, with a sweet or fresh scent. And this gorgeous Sensuelle candle from JOIK has been burning on my desk all week.

Are soy candles a thing now? Because every time I fall in love with a candle it ends up being soy. Maybe it's the cleaner burn or the fact that it lasts a lot longer, almost 50% longer! Or maybe the greener side of me is swooning over the fact that it's made from renewable natural resources and is completely biodegradable. 

Either way, I'm always so impressed. My current desktop essential is the JOIK Sensuelle Soy Wax Scented Candle - £17.50*. The packaging is beautiful, a simple glass jar with to the point labelling and pretty peach wax.

The scent isn't over powering which I love. Once this is light the warm coconut and fig come through, leaving the cedar and musk to build up and surprise you when you re-enter the room. It's simple, slightly sweet and adds a little bit of depth and comfort to any space. 

JOIK also has complete ranges of body care and skin care products, each packed with vitamins and essential oils. Their Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion* leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and looking healthy. Packed with sweet almond oil this melts into the skin beautifully and leaves you smelling fantastic. 

This is a brand that's now on my radar. I've bookmarked the JOIK Makeup removal milk with sunflower, rice bran oil and blue chamomile. And hinted that we really should try the Bamboo soy wax scented candle next! 

What do you think about soy candles? Have you tried anything from JOIK before? 

Gem. x

*PR Sample