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Summer Holidays | Alcudia Photo Diary

Since touching down in Manchester I've done nothing but scroll though my phone at all the beautiful photos I've taken. The majority of these are on Instagram (@slightgem) but I thought I would share a few more with a photo diary. The island of Mallorca is breathtaking and these photos honestly don't do it justice. If you have the chance to visit then I would highly recommend it! 

Even on a cloudy day the sun was still shining. Time for tanning!

Clear skies and palm trees, now that's a view.

Loving the feeling of sand between my toes, I wish I could live abroad!

Getting my tan on, or at least trying to!

Alcudia beach stretches 3.4km and was lined with hundreds of sun loungers!

Alcudia beach and the Port de Alcudia Mallorca.

Strolling through the Port de Alcudia Mallorca. Such beautiful boats!

The boy and I stopping for a quick selfie. We don't take many so this was a big deal!

The streets of Alcudia Old Town, every turn is a photo opportunity.

Empty restaurants in the courtyard before the local market opens. 

Tables fill within minutes as people arrive shortly after breakfast.

Another breathtaking street in Alcudia Old Town.

I just can't get over how beautiful everything is.

What do you think of these photos of Alcudia Mallorca? Have you been somewhere that took your breath away?

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Gem. x

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