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Summer Holidays | What to Pack?

The second instalment of the Summer Holiday series is a bit delayed. Hotel wifi is always a problem for me and I never learn! This post has all my tips for your wardrobe needs. I'm one of those people that want to pack everything but the kitchen sink. So this time I've planned, researched and made lots of lists. I've dug out the statement pieces and put together a pretty full proof packing plan. Ready? Here we go.

Eliminate and Make a List.

First of all I took out all of my lightweight/floaty/summery clothes. Wherever your going just take everything you think you might need. I laid them out on my bed and tried each piece on. I know it sounds strange to start with everything, but the process of elimination is so much easier. 

Ask yourself these questions. Does this make me feel good? Is this going to be suitable for the weather? Is this day or evening wear? 

Anything that you need add to your shopping list. The only thing I needed was a white pair of denim shorts.

Here is a full packing list, from what to include in your suitcase to you hand luggage. 

Dress for the Occassion.

I now pick out the items that can be dressed up and down. Like the chiffon shirt, pair with white trousers for a casual evening or with culottes for a dinner date. Just because you are on holiday doesn't mean you have to look like it. Think about what you would normally wear and go from there. 

Anything that is for mooching around the pool/beach needs to be lightweight, thin and quick drying. I chose a couple of dresses/shirts to throw over a bikini and some oversized vests to throw over shorts. Think to yourself what would I wear to walk to/from the water? And feel comfortable in?

The Final Edit.

Finally I take all of this lay it out in outfits and make a little note in my head of which pieces I'm doubling up. At this point I took things out that I just didn't need. Two red dresses? Two blue dresses? I don't think so. 

It took me a couple of hours to get it sorted and then a 20 minute fashion show so that the boy could approve. My golden rule is to never faff around any longer than the flight time. 

When I went to Florida I seriously didn't care and I regretted it. I had nothing that I actually wanted/needed because I thought I would be extra speedy. And when I made the very short trip over to Amsterdam I worried way too much! I did not need multiple pairs of shoes.

It's all about being realistic. If your going to wear that jumpsuit then yes pack it! If you feel amazing in that blue dress then pack it! Don't feel like you have to go out and purchase holiday suitable clothes. If you wouldn't wear them at home then the chances are you won't wear them abroad.

How do you pack for a holiday? What do you think about when choosing outfits?

Gem. x

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