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Better than Bioderma? | Botanics Ultra Calm Micellar 3 in 1


In short, yes. I find that my skin is becoming a lot more sensitive and even the simplest formula's can aggravate my skin. The Botantics Ultra Calm Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution - £4.99 however, is like wiping liquid air across my face. I use this every evening before cleansing. It takes all the grime and wear off the skin leaving behind a silky smooth fresh complexion.

This dissolves makeup far quicker than any other Micellar water that I’ve tried. Gel eye liner and red lipsticks are easily removed. You do need to hold a soaked cotton pad over any waterproof formula's but after 20-30 seconds it’s wiped away as easily as everything else.

It’s not that I don’t like Bioderma I think it’s great. I just prefer this one. With Bioderma my skin didn’t feel as smooth, or as clean. It’s great at removing stubborn makeup but not for anything else.

The Botanics Ultra Calm Micellar 3 in 1 contains marshmallow which is natures soothing star. Apparently 'The roots are packed with natural sugars and polyphenols that work together to help leave skin less reactive and altogether calmer.’ Before you start thinking of a squishy white marshmallow tree, let me explain. The marshmallow plant is a herb with big green leaves and pink flowers, it’s grown in the good ol’ wet grasslands of Europe. It’s roots have plenty of medical uses from reducing stomach acid and chest congestion to soothing skin irritations.

It’s alcohol, soap and fragrance free. I love that this is suitable for all skin types including those with very sensitive skin like myself. It’s a big relief knowing that you’re safe using a product especially in the evenings. I like being able to unwind and relax without having to spend ages scrubbing at my face. So if you have sensitive skin or looking for a purse friendly Micellar water then I would definitely recommend trying this.

There is also a great offer running at the moment, half price on selected Botanics skincare. Making this just £2.49!

Do you use a Micellar water as part of your skincare routine? What do you think about using natural ingredients in skincare?

Gem. x