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Save or Splurge | Make Up Edition

When it comes to beauty I find that I'm more likely to invest in certain products than others. My collection is divided between luxury and high street brands, and I'm okay with that. My makeup draw is like my wardrobe, investing in staple pieces and saving on the trends. Limited edition or not I have a set of guidelines when making a purchase and whether I'm going to be splurging or saving. 

First of all, let me just mention that I find most high street brands just as good as luxury brands. Dupes are far more accessible now and in some cases the best products are in the aisles of boots with a 3 for 2 banner hanging above it. Being a savvy shopper is far easier in the beauty world now than 5 years ago. But we all have our favourites, our rules and our own little shopping secrets, here are mine.

Base products are tough. When it comes to foundation I tend to invest in cult products. I always use samples or get a colour match beforehand so I know exactly what it's like before purchasing. Daily foundations and lightweight bases like BB or CC creams I tend to look to the high street. There are some great dupes out there and formula's to suit every skin type.

SPLURGE: Cult foundations

SAVE: Everyday foundations & BB CC creams

I don't think I've come across any high-end blushers that have blown me away. The same goes for bronzers, I have palettes that include them, but I've never purchased them individually because I've never needed it. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is the only one for me, and that was a total save! 

SAVE: Blusher & Bronzer

Speaking of palettes, this is where I don't mind splurging. Oh the palettes, I've missed out on some real beauties because I didn't set an alarm or I didn't hear about it until it was too late. The more it provides the more I'll spend. And that to me makes sense. It's a logical splurge. In recent months, I've seen the high street seriously up their game and so now I try and save the splurging for selected limited edition palettes.

SPLURGE: Limited edition palettes & Multi-product palettes

SAVE: High-quality high street palettes

When it comes to mascara I just kind of wing it. I have long lashes anyway so as long as it fits the bill I'll give it a go and it's normally always high street. I just look for if it's waterproof, can hold a curl, has quick drying formula and doesn't clump. I've tried a few luxury mascaras but to be honest they all do the same thing for me.

SAVE: Mascara

The Maybelline Gel Eyeliner is my fail safe, my one and only. But I do like to try a few different things here and there. I've found that most high street felt tip or liquid liners are rubbish. (The Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner being the exception) Don't hate! I tried the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen and it was a dream come true until I looked at the price. I think unless the Maybelline Gel Liner is discontinued I probably won't splurge.

SAVE: Gel & Pencil eyeliner

I have a game plan when it comes to lip products. Certain luxury brands I'll buy into straight away, Dior for example. With others, I like to purchase high street brands in similar shades and then splurge something a little more luxurious if I really like the shade. I'm constantly looking on dupethat.com to find an alternative first.

SPLURGE: Lipsticks

SAVE: Lip gloss & Lip balm

With high street brands like Essie and Revlon outshining luxury nail polish, I always opt for savings. Checking for 3 for 2 promotions and stocking up on trend shades. If I want to splurge on a manicure I'll always opt for Shellac.

SAVE: Nail Polish

SPLURGE: Full manicure

What products do you save or splurge on? Are you like me, and prefer to test out a cheaper alternative before investing big bucks?

Gem. x