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The Casual Brow | Benefit Gimme Brow Gel

I've had the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel - £18.50 in Medium/Deep, in my collection for a few months now. I instantly fell in love with it, but it's only since I've started working again that I've really appreciated it. For me it's the perfect casual brow. It is by far the most reached for product in my stash at the moment, and even on no makeup days I still find myself giving my brows a quick brush through. 
A straight up winner for me if the fact that it's water resistant, so even if I'm caught in the rain I know that It'll be okay. Nobody wants their eyebrows half way down their face. It's long wearing and doesn't smudge. And most importantly, it's super quick and easy to use. In the mornings I always find myself rushing around and this is so much easier than a pencil.
Not only does it give your brows a deeper colour but it's brush-on fibre formula clings to individual hairs to create a bolder brow. I have quite sparse arches. And have been trying to grow them out but I find the hairs are just too fine, this is great at targeting small areas. 
I like to start at the inner edge of my brow and brush upwards across the front half to create volume. And then swipe across the entire brow to define the shape.
The packaging is pretty simple, small and travel friendly. The brush is tapered and has a tiny tip to be as precise as possible. Which is definitely something to praise considering most brow products still have brushes the size of mascara wands.
I would however recommend wiping off any excess, the seal isn't great and you can end up with too much product.

Have you tried the Benefit Gimme Brow? What products do you use for a casual brow?
Gem. x