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What's In My Handbag

My true love in this world is handbags. I'm not a shoe person, I don't care that much for jewellery or sunglasses. My motto was the bigger the better but times have changed, the 'carry everything but the kitchen sink' over sized styles have outgrown me. Literally. And I just can't bare to lug around ridiculous weights of crap. My arms and shoulders have suffered enough and I'm putting my foot down!

Enter the Jigsaw Double Pouch Cross Body Bag - £89.99. This two tone leather beauty is big enough to hold my iPhone, purse and necessities as well as a few beauty bits to keep me looking and feeling fresh. It has two zipped compartments and a mini pocket in the middle which I like to keep gum and bobby pins etc.

It's black and has a metallic purplish grey contrast. A long strap which is adjustable and detachable. And doubles as a clutch! It's the best thing I've purchased in a long time and the best way to celebrate the end of a spending ban.

Seeing as it is quite small, 16cm by 22cm, I really had to think about what I actually need to carry around with me. I have a small fabric drawstring pouch that houses the Bare Minerals Flawless Application Face Brush - £19.00 , Mineral Veil - £21.00 and the Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturiser - £10.00. With the weather being all over the place at this time of year I've made sure that I'm prepared for muggy mornings and a down pour in the afternoon.

I always need to carry a perfume with me, I just feel like a quick spritz is enough to put a spring back in your step after a long day. I would usually pack a roller ball, but sadly I don't have any at the moment. So I've been embracing the small glimpses of A/W with the Demeter Fragrance Library Cologne in Paperback - $20.00. It's a nice thin bottle with a good sturdy cap.

Lip products, why do they gather in the bottom of bags? I emptied my old bag and found seven, yes seven, lipsticks. What the heck! Of course, my lipstick of choice varies from day to day but nine times out of ten it's the Dior Addict Lipstick in 260 Rose Deshabille - £13.50. It's my favourite fuss-free formula and the easiest shade to wear. A little shimmer never hurt anyone.

And of course I had to downsize my purse. I was carrying around a massive Ted Baker purse that wouldn't even fasten shut. Too many loyalty cards for shops I haven't been in for years, receipts and train tickets. Who needs that kind of baggage? I decided to opt for a small metallic silver coin purse from Jigsaw S/S. It holds around 6 cards and has a little pocket on the back to hold my train ticket for that day. 

Of course I have a mini hand cream, the EOS Hand Lotion in Cucumber - $2.49, some Smints, and some paracetamol.

Some days I won't need all of this and so I won't pack it. It's liberating having less to carry around. I find myself looking around more, having both hands free I can shop with ease and be able to stroll to work with a Starbucks in one hand and the morning paper in the other.

It's a good feeling, and one that I recommend everyone should experience. Now that I've downsized my handbag maybe it's time to downside other parts of my life? My make up collection, wardrobe, miscellaneous draws... It's a work in progress. 

Are you a carry everything kind of girl or have you minimised your handbag recently?

Gem. x