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10 Ideas for Instagram Posts

Every morning I have a good scroll through Instagram. It's my automatic response to pass time and I'm totally okay with that. With so many incredible accounts, I always try to be on top of my Instagram game. My photo stream is full of photos waiting to be published, so here are ten ideas for your next Instagram posts.

What's on your bedside?

Do you have any skincare, books that you're reading, dishes to keep jewellery or bobby pins?

Post on the go.

Show us what you're up to, have you seen anything interesting on your journey, share your coffee breaks.

Your daily makeup.

We want to see it all. So lay it out on your bed or share some photos during the day.

A mini review.

Have you been loving something recently? Tell us why!

Bedroom details.

I'm super nosy and love it when people share interior photos. Shows us your bedding, which candle your burning?

Your current manicure.

Nail art pro or not, I love looking at people's nails!

Your recent favourites.

It could be a product, a person, a restaurant, if you've been loving it we want to see it.

Share something new!

Have you been feeling spending? Show us your recent purchases.

Outfit of the day.

Share your style, show us what you're wearing, what bag are you using, what's on your wrist?

Behind the scenes.

Show us your blogging set-up, do you use any backgrounds or props?

Now it's your turn! I hope this list gives you some ideas for future posts. Share your Instagram accounts below, I love finding new users to follow.

What type of photos do you prefer? What are your favourite accounts?

Gem. x