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A Match Made In Heaven | Magnitone London

I've had a love-hate relationship with cleansing brushes. I used to have a Clarisonic, long story short I ended up hating it. And as a result, most other cleansing brushes, until I discovered Magnitone London and their new BareFaced! Vibra-Sonic™ Daily Cleansing Brush - £75.00*.

Previous experiences with these types of brushes resulted in my very sensitive skin feeling stripped and becoming tight and dry after using. I thought that I could replace the moisture by adding more products to my routine and after a month or so my skin exploded with angry red patches and blemishes. I had learnt my lesson.

This however, is different. For a start the brush is incredibly soft, I ran this over the inside of my forearm before using it on my face as a precaution and wow! This claims to be suitable for all skin types and I agree. There are packs of different heads available, but I would look at those once you get a feel for the system. I'll be opting for the Silk Bliss replacement brushes, and changing the head itself every couple of months. 

After every use, I remove the head and let it soak in just-boiled water to try and eliminate any bacteria. Then once a week I give it a deep clean using a fragrance-free brush friendly shampoo. Keeping the brush clean is so important. You wouldn't use the same dirty muslin cloth would you?

Okay, so how do I use it? 

My cleanser of choice is the Avène Eau Thermale Cold Cream Cleansing Bar, it's super simple and works great with the BareFaced cleansing brush. It lathers brilliantly and glides across the skin without any aggravation. I would definitely recommend using a cleanser with a good lather, that way the exfoliation when using this will be a lot smoother and ultimately safer for your skin.

I don't use this every day. Every other morning is enough for me. Sometimes I'll only use this for 30 seconds or I'll target certain areas. I like to concentrate on the cheeks, forehead and nose, then a quick little glide over my chin.  It's all about judging what your skin needs.

Has it made a difference to my skin?

YES! This has single handedly cleared my skin of any environmental or self-inflicted rough patches or blemishes. I'll explain, I still have angry hormonal blemishes on my chin, no magic brush is going to change that. It's deep rooted. However, the rest of my skin is baby smooth, clear and healthy looking!

Trying lots of new products, especially long wearing products can take a toll on your skin. And yes double cleansing is great, but making sure that your skin is well exfoliated means you'll have a great cell turnover. In short, if you rid your skin of the icky top layer your body can focus on creating fresh new skin.

Now I'm no expert. But it makes sense. And getting rid of all the fancy lingo is one step to understanding how skin really works. Not just regurgitating something off a label.

After using the BareFaced! Cleansing Brush as part of my routine for almost two months I really can't believe the difference. It's transformed my skin, and now I can concentrate on keeping it healthy and not just fix the problems that I've created. Now that I have a concentrated area of blemishes I know that they're hormonal, I can tackle them in a different way instead of making worse. What a load off my shoulders!

I've learnt that each system is different, so my one word of advice is not to dismiss potentially great products just because of a bad experience with another.

What do you think of the BareFaced! Vibra-Sonic™ Daily Cleansing Brush?  How do you exfoliate your skin? 

Gem. x


*PR Sample

This review is purely my own opinion. If you would like more information on the BareFaced! Vibra-Sonic™ Daily Cleansing Brush or any FAQ take a look at the Magnitone London website.