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An Open Letter To Blemishes

Dear Blemishes,

We've been together for a while now, almost five years. And I've hated every second of it. You used to pop up every now and again, it was a nice surprise but one that I could handle with ease. As the years have passed it seems our relationship has become toxic. You visit more often, actually thinking about it you never leave. 

And you're somewhat different now, this isn't a little whoopsie from leaving my makeup on, you punish me every day. And I know that it seems silly to be a little over dramatic but I know what my skin looks like. I've seen it, blemish free. We took a break for almost three months. Remember? But clearly I spoke to soon and  now you're back with a vengeance.

I've never picked away at you, never squeezed or tried to move you myself. I've always let you sit in peace. But now you're really getting on my last nerve. How many mornings do I have to wake up and see that yet again you're there, you've grown or you've brought friends?

What is it about my chin that you love so much? Surely it can't be that comfortable, I never stop talking. Is that why you're doing it? Damn you, you painful painful b*stards. 

How am I supposed to feel and act like an adult when I'm constantly worrying about hormones and preparing for your next arrival? I mean come on I'm 22, I don't want to be squeezed up against groups of teens fighting over the last full coverage concealer. 

I've stopped using products I love, begging you to leave. I've stopped wearing makeup, something that brought me so much happiness. But nothing seems to have worked. And as of this week you have stopped me from smiling. Well that's where I draw the line. 

I will shed no more tears! This letter is to warn you that I'm seeking help from the big guns. That's right topical treatments. You've left me no choice, it's up to the people in white coats to break this painful relationship now. 

You see I want my face back. My lovely clear fresh pink face. I want to be able to see my cheeks get rosy in the cold air and I want to be able to laugh properly instead of making some stupid little whimpering noise. I want to be me again. Fresh faced and happy. 

Yours Truly, 

Optimistic for the future.

This photo shows my skin, blemish free only three and a half months ago. Soon my love, soon. 

How do you deal with blemishes? Have you had a problem area that just wouldn't clear up?

Gem. x