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Making the most of your Sunday

"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." I am a firm believer in taking one day a week to sort everything out. I spend it in my pyjamas, listening to music or watching Netflix in the background and try to organise my life as much as possible.

I work most Sunday's and now dedicate one day during the week to catching up but the same still applies. Here are ten things you can do to make the most of it:


This is probably one of my favourites, hoover, dust, tidy your wardrobe or tackle your washing.

Plan out some blog posts or take some photos. 

I love spending a morning or afternoon with my head down.

Change your bedding.

I like to change my sheets on Sundays so that I'm fresh and well rested for the week ahead.

Update your diary or calendar with any dates or reminders.

Time to find those folded bits of paper!

Plan some outfits. 

When I was at college I had weekly trying on sessions to choose outfits for the next week.

Why not schedule some tweets?

You can use HootSuite or Tweet Deck to schedule tweets and Instagram posts for the week ahead.

Have a pamper session!

Shave your legs, use a hair mask or apply some fake tan. Female maintenance is real people!

Create a to-do list.

I use the notes on my phone to list things to remember, to sort out and even my work shifts.

Prepare some meals.

I like to make batches of salad or couscous, they're super quick and easy to mix up.

And if you're super organised and efficient you can use your catch up day to catch up on your favourite tv shows!

How do you spend your Sundays? What do you think of having a dedicated productive day?

Gem. x