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The Details | #NWmeet

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the NWmeet. It was my first blogger event in the north and where better to start than in Liverpool. The entire afternoon was organised by the lovely Katy and Sammy in support of The Recovery Bag Project. I met with Emma, Laura and Francesca beforehand and we all set off to our secret location. A set of directions and a secret password, cactus, were all we had as we came to a tall brick building in between a steelworks and a brewery. 

We arrived at The Secret Warehouse. This was such a beautiful location, complete with meditation room and rooftop garden. The hallways were decorated with retro style ornaments and Buddhas, the walls were slightly glittery and in the main room stood a tall gold mirror. Next to it sat a table of cute props and an Instagram frame for bloggers to create their own photo booths. Along with a variety of Girls On Film t- shirts, one for each blogger.

It's an awkward time of year and I still haven't gotten used to the colder weather. So I decided to wear something fall proof. My Miss Selfridge black felt fedora hat, my boyfriend's white shirt, Jigsaw dark green dropped hem sweater, Primark black skinny jeans, Next black suede boots. And I managed to cram as much as I could into my little Jigsaw double-pouch bag.

As we walked in we were each given a number, mine was 21. On a table lay several purple drawstring bags, each containing a piece of Disney Couture jewellery. I was lucky enough to have my number called out and won this beautiful gold-plated Tinkerbell book charm necklace.

Another activity lined up for us was The Kissing Wall, each blogger chose a shade of W7's Full Cover Lipstick, kissed their card and signed it with their name and blog URL. Once everyone had added their card to the line I made sure to take photos of each one for a serious blog reading session later. 

We then all gathered around for a demonstration from lush. We learnt how to give ourselves an at-home facial using their cleansers, serums, toners, moisturisers and face masks. And we each took home a little bag of samples to try for ourselves. The Mask of Magnaminty, a full body mask, 9 to 5, a cleansing milk, Ultrabland, a balm cleanser and Imperialis, a light and simple face cream.

This event was packed with opportunities to win prizes, one of my favourites was to guess how many midget gems were in a glass container. It was funny to see people debate over the logic or just what it looked like. There were 227. And four lucky ladies went home with a gorgeous Jones + Jones dress.

Later on in the afternoon some lovely people from This Material Culture came in to show us some of their jewellery and gave us a little brand advice. Their necklaces are gorgeous and perfect for layering up. It was a great opportunity to see what brands are looking for from bloggers and to get a couple of tips on how to interact with them. 

Aftermy morning travels I was happy to see a pick 'n' mix table with lots of nibbles and flavoured waters. There were Green & Black's chocolate bars, amazing cupcakes from The Cake Days, raw bars from The Primal Pantry, bags of Propercorn and sweets. The strangest product of the day had to go to blk water. The jet black water was great and got top marks for packaging! For something a little fruitier there was a selection of Just Bee drinks, their Lemon, Green Tea and a Hint of Honey may be my new favourite flavoured water.

And last but not least there was a raffle packed with some seriously great prizes. I had purchased a ticket, lucky 111. But as it turned out the blogging community is filled with wonderful people and some offered out their winning tickets so that everyone had the opportunity to choose a prize. I won a super cute bundle from Tainted Image, their meow cat t-shirt and pug tote bag! Other prizes included restaurant vouchers, festival tickets, temporary tattoos from Black and Sigi, a Cath Kidston handbag, hair products from Got 2 Be, skincare and so much more.

We raised over £100 for The Recovery Bag Project, all in all this was a pretty perfect event and I'm super happy that I was able to enjoy it. Make sure to keep an eye out for a closer look at the goody-bags.

What's your favourite part of meet ups or events?

Gem. x