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Thrifty Beauty Storage!

When I moved to the north I had to leave most of my beauty storage behind. I waved goodbye to my IKEA Alex draws and my patterned wall hanging draws. It was a sad day. But I soon got over it when  I realised I got to create a new storage system! I've headed into charity shops and cleaned out glass jars to create a new set up, and it hardly cost me a thing. 

Lets start off with makeup, I've been using a bedside table as my main makeup storage. It's not as organised as my Alex draws but its a great alternative. I have daily makeup in the first draw, overstock in the second and sitting on top is a round mirror and a few skincare bits. It's my miniature vanity table.

When it comes to recycling storage I always opt for glass. Not only is it easy to clean, it's sturdy, goes with everything and shows off what your keeping inside! This was once a coffee jar but It's great for cotton pads or cotton wool balls.

For cotton buds, I always use candle jars. Take a look at this super old post about how I clean them out. This was once a JOIK candle and it's the perfect size!

This pretty glass bowl was one of my charity shop finds, two for £3. How great is that? I use this one for my most worn jewellery and the other as a soap dish. You can always find similar things at car boot sales, why not convince some friends to get up early with you?

You could also use M&S glass dessert pots, GÜ also have great ones, or multipack candles. They have packs of four or five in B&M, I used similar ones in this post and they're great to reuse as tea light holders if you run out of things to store in them. Why not spray a couple with some metallic paint to mix things up a bit?

Have you been thrifty with your beauty storage? What do you think about putting essentials on display?

Gem. x