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A Polite and Well-Dressed Manicure? | Smith & Cult

Sometimes out of nowhere a US brand will make its way across the pond and hit the UK by storm. Smith & Cult has done just that with it's fantastic range of colours and quirky packaging. The nail polish formula boasts of being 5-Free. And to top it all off, they look gorgeous on your dressing table. Because that's what we're all looking for!

I must admit it's not the most practical or travel-friendly. But the distorted metal top comes off so you can use a smaller plastic handle and holds 14ml of product which is more than most high-street brands. In some cases luxury packaging means the product itself is compromised, but not here.

Behold! The Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Fauntleroy - £19*. This is a beautiful opaque shade of muted lavender, perfect for the warmer months. But I've been using this as a base and topping with a cool-toned glitter to make it a bit more autumn/winter friendly.

First of all can I just point out the meaning behind the word Fauntleroy. It's an excessively polite and well-dressed boy. How cute is that? I must say knowing that my nails do feel a lot more polite and looked after.

The formula is very easy to work with, two coats gives a nice opaque colour. Here I used only the polish itself, no base coat, no top coat and no cleaning up. As you can see the ridges on my nails are visible, but when using a ridge filler or thick top coat this isn't an issue.

The brush is really easy to use, you can be relatively neat without having to get the cotton buds out, which is great if you don't have time. Without a base or top coat, this lasts about 2 days chip free with minimal activity. But can last up to a week if you do the full works.

Please excuse my incredibly dry cuticles. My wimpy southern hands aren't used to the north, and it's only October!

What do you think of Smith & Cult? Are you a sucker for packaging?

Gem. x


*Gifted Item