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5 Stars and Only 10 Ingredients | Lush Ultrabland

Every now and again I'll stumble upon a product that I couldn't imagine being without. In this case it's the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser - £7.50 45g/£11.50 100g. I was given a sample at the NWmeet and after just a few uses my skin changed so much that I knew it would be a staple in my skincare routine.

I went straight to Lush (with an empty sample pot) and the shop assistant knew exactly what I was looking for, it's a cult product and one of their best selling skincare products. We went over the ingredients, a mere ten, and she gave me some background info on how each one works. Fantastic customer service as always.

I was drawn in by two particular ingredients, almond oil and honey. I already knew that it worked, but now I was very impressed as to why. Almond oil has a multitude of skin benefits because it contains so many vitamins, E, A and D to be exact. It has a calming effect on people with skin allergies and inflammation. As well as having emollient properties which help to restore the natural pH of the skin, this is also absorbed quickly preserving moisture and giving your skin that glow!  

Honey is both antiseptic and hydrating. I used to live with a Bulgarian girl who would use locally sourced honey as a weekly face mask, she always said it was proof of natures power and only now do I truly understand her. Mixed together honey and almond oil have a lightening ability, which is  enough to reduce dark circles and give your skin an overall clearer appearance. 

The cleanser itself claims to rebalance problematic skin within three weeks. I would have been very sceptical if I knew this, but after experiencing it for myself unknowingly in just seven days, I'm a true believer. I still get the odd painful 'lump' when I'm hormonal but within a day or two they're gone! 

What I love most about this, is that it doesn't leave an oily film on the surface of my skin. You only need a small amount, I take a penny sized and massage it into the skin in circular motions. The thick butter-like balm melts into an oil and breaks down any traces of dirt and makeup, even my long lasting eyeliners. I then soak a flannel in hot water and wipe everything away.

I love it so much I've even been double cleansing in the evening to help me unwind. Packed with rose water and fresh iris extract this smells incredible and with my skin already warmed from the first cleanse it's nice to give myself a little soothing facial massage before bed.

Overall my skin looks brighter and healthier, the texture is a lot smoother and even during the colder months it's super hydrated. I purchased the large size and with over a months use I haven't reached halfway. So when you're next passing Lush be sure to pop in, take a look and grab a sample. You can thank me later.

What do you think of Lush skincare? How do you keep your skin hydrated through the colder months?

Gem. X