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Lengthening Lashes | Eylure London No 166

I know that false eyelashes can seem daunting at first, I didn't try them until I turned 19. But they're a great thing to have stashed in your makeup draw for special occasions, and the Eylure No 166 Lashes* - £5.39 are my absolute favourites.

These lashes are designed to be lightweight and lengthening which is exactly what I look for. They're evenly distributed, gradually build in length to the outer corners and have a beautiful natural fluttery look to them. What I love about these are the ultra-thin band, I don't normally wear eyeliner and with these I don't have to.

Here I've just taken a black NARS eyeshadow on an angled brush and blended it into the lash line, but I've worn these lashes alone and they look great.

To apply I hold the lash with a pair of tweezers and pop a small amount of glue along the band. I always leave the glue for about 30 seconds to become tacky as this makes them easier to apply. Starting from the centre I place the lash and then the sides.

I've worn this specific pair three times now and they're just a perfect as the day I bought them. Such a fantastic purchase, recently I've been eyeing up the London Lash Edit three very different pairs of lashes for only £12.95.

What do you think of the No 166 lashes? Have you tried any other styles from Eylure?

Gem. X

* Not Cruelty-Free