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World Kindness Day!

Happy Friday everyone! As it happens, today is rather special. The 13th of November is World Kindness Day! I’m a great big softy when it comes to spreading positivity and I always try to wear a smile. It’s the little things that count, and that should be encouraged every single day. But having a dedicated day encourages people to go the extra mile and hopefully to continue random acts of kindness throughout the year. 

I’m a firm believer in treating people the way you would like to be treated, recognising that your actions will impact someone else and will relay a chain reaction. Kindness is contagious and it’s a fantastic way to ensure that you’ve made a positive impact, not only on that particular day but for the future as well.

Today I've decided to do something special at work, by filling a few bowls with chocolates and leaving them for customers to tuck into and enjoy. The store already has a fantastic environment, but it’s just a little something extra to hopefully make people smile.

To celebrate Cotton Traders UK have launched the #CTWorldKindnessDay campaign, encouraging people to do something small to make someone else smile. For those of you that want to get involved, I’ve put together a few ideas that are sure to make someones day.

Leave your newspaper or magazine in a coffee shop with nice message. 
Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and encourage them to do the same. 
Leave a couple of pounds in a vending machine. 
Let someone in front of you whilst queueing. 
Smile at others and say hello. 
If you’ve bought a days travel card give it someone else once you’ve finished using it. 
Have a free click site session.
Compliment a stranger. 
Take some cakes or biscuits into work and share them out.
Eat lunch with someone new at school, college or work. 
Have a chat with someone on your daily commute. 
Hold the door for someone rushing to get on the train. 
Buy a coffee for the person selling The Big Issue magazine. 
Take some old clothes to your local charity shop and chat to the volunteers working there. 
Share some of your favourite blogs #ff style. 

What goes around comes around. Enjoy spreading some kindness! And be sure to let me know about it on twitter @slightgem using the hashtag #CTWorldKindnessDay.

Gem. x

*Collaboration With Cotton Traders, Kindess Box received but all opinions are my own as always.