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Gingerbread Houses!

Living so far away, my mother decided to send me a parcel of goodies instead of an advent calendar. Because she's amazing.  Chocolate penguins, snowmen and reindeers, Lebkuchen stars, a box of gingerbread men and my own gingerbread cook book! I love baking, it's so relaxing and passing around treats is one of my favourite things to do over the holidays. So I thought I would share my first creation, a miniature gingerbread house!

Gingerbread Wonderland by Mima Sinclaire is packed with ideas, there are sections dedicated to classic houses and decorations, as well as smaller biscuits and fun decorating ideas. All the templates are included in the back of the book and are super easy to copy out, if you have children or you're a big kid yourself then this is such a great way to spend a rainy day. I'll be getting the boy involved in the next one. 

I have a whole list of things I want to try. Gingerbread bunting anyone? And I will defiantly be baking well into the new year. These were originally supposed to sit on the side of your cup of tea, but they're a lot bigger than I expected and look much prettier on their own. 

I dripped icing along the roof to look like snow and topped it with grated chocolate, merange and dried cranberries. It was delicious! 

Next on my list are some 3D Christmas trees, some hanging tree decorations and a birdhouse centrepiece. So I better get to it! 

Have you been baking for the Holidays? What should I attempt next? 

Gem. X