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Homemade Gift Wrapping

Every year I stock up on wrapping paper, ribbons and bags. Every present looks the same, perfectly wrapped and polished. But this year I decided to do things differently, a bit more me. I decided to create my own gift wrap and I'm so happy with the finished product that I decided to create a little how to with tips and tricks to get your own creative juices flowing!

First of all, set aside one evening to create a Pinterest board. There are some amazing ideas and tutorials that you need to explore. Find your style, look at ways to create your own stamps or templates and decide how you're going to personalise each gift. 

You will need:
Thin card
Ink (for stamping)
Stamps (alphabet and shapes)
Paper punch

I started off with brown parcel paper. I knew that I wanted to try and achieve something raw and rustic. It's super easy, super cheap and it can be expanded and played around with. But coloured sugar paper would also look fantastic, especially if you used a paper cutter to create a repeat pattern and then laid it on top of another colour. Oooooh!

Next up was gift tags, I took some thin brown card (the kind you use to make your own greetings cards, more coming on that later) and used a large star paper punch to create the tag itself. Using a smaller size I then cut a star within the star, starception, to thread the string through.

I decided to use a mixture of strings, the classic parcel string as a base and the red and white twisted because it looks like a candy cane.

Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco! 

Finally it was time for the stamping. I stuck with simplicity but if you wanted to go all out, you would be able to make some gorgeous repeat patterns! Can you tell I like repetition? I wrapped the present first and then stamped white stars onto the top. For me it was a lot easier and looks more handmade and rustic than something complete covered.

Each tag has the name stamped in white as well, some are a bit wonky but that's the whole point. It's something that you took the time to create yourself. It's handmade, it's thoughtful and it's guaranteed to make someone feel extra special this Christmas. 

This to me is borderline Pinterest worthy, so I'm pretty happy with myself. There is a creative in me eager to run free and this could just be the beginning. 

How have you decided to wrap your gifts this year? Have you been crafty recently? Share it below!

Gem. x