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Dressing for Happiness

Since when did fashion have so many rules? Short girls can't wear this, curvy girls can't wear that, blah blah blah. I'm short and I have big hips and even bigger thighs, I look like a human pear but thats okay. I'm going to wear what I want and how I want it. I will defy all the rules and enjoy what's in my wardrobe.

And you should too! What's the point in having wonderful clothes if you can't enjoy them. Don't hold back because someone somewhere told you to. I have always been told that shorter girls can't wear midi skirts. That they should avoid anything high waisted. Well one of my favourite spring pieces is just that. The Engineered Stripe Silk Skirt - £129 from Jigsaw is everything and more. I've paired this with ankle boots, trainers, slouchy blazers and even a trench coat. 

Every time I step out of the house in this skirt I am met with gleaming compliments. Yes, It's a beautiful skirt, well made, fantastic quality and has a unique print. But it's the smile I style it with that makes all the difference. When something makes you feel good, you look good. 

Rules are made to be broken. And fashion is meant to be enjoyed. So the next time you go shopping just try it on. It may not look right and it might not work out, but it could end up being the best thing you've bought all year. 

How do you feel about the rules of fashion? What item from your wardrobe makes you smile the most?

Gem. x