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Buying Plants Locally

There is no greater feeling than a room full of plants. It gives off the nicest vibe of happiness, calm and most importantly positive energy. And today I wanted to spread all of that and talk about buying plants locally. 

I am very fortunate to have a beautiful market just minutes away from my house, open five days a week. But it's not just convenience that has given me a strong belief in local produce. I grew up in Suffolk where houses sold eggs and vegetables on fold up wooden tables in their front gardens. Almost every day is a market day and there are lots of independent shops just minutes away from each other.

There's a sense of community supporting those whose livelihood depend on your custom. You get to know these people, you share their spirit and most of all you contribute to something a lot bigger than a bunch of flowers. 

Here are just five reasons to shop locally:
1. You'll get yourself a good deal, and maybe some good advice.
2. You will learn what's in season.
3. You will be supporting your local community.
4. It's a lot more ethical.
5. You'll be contributing to a person, a family and a lifestyle.

After watching the Chelsea Flower Show this year I am so inspired to introduce more fresh herbs, plants, and flowers into my life. I feel like I've caught the green thumb and I'm loving it.

Do you buy locally? What kinds of plants do you have in your home?

Gem. x