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Mother Nature At Her Finest | Salt of the Earth

Since I began my vegan journey I've been switching my products to cruelty-free, environmentally friendly alternatives, starting with the everyday. Toothpaste, shampoo, household cleaning and in this case deodorant. I had originally been using a Mitchum roll on, but the scents weren't quite what I was looking for. So when I saw that Salt of the Earth had released their first scented deodorant*, I just had to try it. 

Now I need to start off by mentioning that I'm not typically a sweaty person. If I forget to put on deodorant I know I'll be okay, as long as I have an easy day. But at the beginning of June, we quite possibly had the hottest weekend ever! I spent 4 hours on a train, an entire night dancing and then a whole day in the sun. And not once did I smell any less than fabulous. If I do say so myself. When I say this is long lasting, I mean it.

I was glistening, smiling and feeling confident. And that's all thanks to the wonders of mineral salts! They leave a thin layer on your skin which obstructs any potential bacteria from growing, which is the main cause of body odour. It's weightless, quick drying and a total game changer.

Since I began looking for alternative products I have been wowed by the power of nature, everything in this bottle is 100% natural. Even the fragrance has been blended with over 15 botanical extracts and oils. From the first use, this is super soft and fresh with sweet undertones. That's mother nature at her finest.

To be honest, up until recently I thought that any ol' deodorant would do. I've never taken a moment to establish what I expect from something so essential. Maybe that was my own naivety, maybe now that I have a set of guidelines I'll start to explore new products in a different way. Who knows, this is of course only the beginning. 

Do you use a natural deodorant? What do you think of the fusion of lavender and vanilla?

Gem. x

*Gifted Item - Pure Aura Scented Natural Deodorant Spray - £5.99