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Be Kinder To Your Vagina | TOTM

This Sunday we're getting personal and we are going to get down to the nitty-gritty of feminine products. It's something that I've always felt quite strongly about, something that I'm constantly keeping up to date with and something that I feel should be spoken about more. 

I remember when I first got my period questioning the options, being terrified of toxic shock syndrome and wondering what happens after use. Luckily, and this is where I'm quite open, I have a super light time of things which lasts about three days. But still, I questioned none the less.

It shocked me how these innocent little clouds were bleached, filled with perfume, pesticides, chemical fertilisers and in most cases made from viscose and other semi-synthetic materials. By semi-synthetic, I mean that it does not occur naturally. Yes, viscose is made from wood pulp, however, it has to go through a process along with sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide to create a spun fibre similar to cotton.

I tried everything to stop using them, sanitary towels were too messy, I'm far too small for a cup, I had a horrific 2-year experience with the Merina coil and I was so close to giving up. Until I stumbled across a brand that promoted products made from organic cotton, without being bleached or treated with chemicals and are environmentally friendly. 

TOTM has made major steps to educate people on these issues. They have a wide range of products to suits everyone's needs, with a tailor-made subscription service at fantastic prices. First, select your delivery date and the occurrence of your deliveries, then sit back, relax and await your order discreetly packaged and brought to your door. I've subscribed and now know that TOTM has back.

On the left, Lil-Lets, on the right TOTM*. It's actually quite shocking to see this side by side. The sheer amount of loose fibres is something that has always troubled me. And I am so relieved that it's something that I no longer have to worry about. 

I just hope that other people see the dark side to sanitary products as I have. These harsh chemicals can be absorbed into your blood stream and cause a multitude of problems. They've even been linked to reproductive issues and cancer and it has to stop. 

Your body and your vagina is worth so much more than that. Treat them well and they will return the favour. This year alone we have made great progress to dismantle the stigma around menstruation , it's now time to tackle the underlying issues. One cycle at a time.

How do you feel about sanitary products? Have you looked into the manufacturing process?

Gem. x

*PR Sample