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Living Room Updates With Sass & Belle

It's been seven months since the boy and I moved into our first home and we still haven't finished decorating. It's been a long struggle trying to find pieces that we both love, that we can afford and that fits well with our lifestyle. One thing that we could agree on was our need for a terrarium. 

We have lots of cacti in white ceramic pots, the classic IKEA offerings. But with plenty of brass and copper in our living room we felt these were too bright, too clinical and we needed a replacement. Enter the Sass & Belle Black Cube Terrarium.*

This is perfect for small spaces or adding a little touch to your interior. Understated, simple and incredibly easy to transform. 

When it comes to filling your terrarium choose a selection of small cacti or succulents. For this size I would recommend one of either. Add a layer of stones, these act as a drainage layer and are an essential to prevent the soil from retaining too much moisture. Follow with activated charcoal, to purify the water. And top with soil, taking into consideration your chosen plants. As an optional decoration you could finish everything off with another layer of stones or as an added benefit, moss which helps to soak up any additional water.

I think that this looks fantastic both  in photos and in real life. And I cannot wait to fill more, I've been looking at this pyramid shape version and I think together they would look beautiful. I may even keep an eye out for large glass vases and use recycled ones too. The possibilities really are endless. 

What type of plants do you have in your home? What do you think of the Sass & Belle terrarium? 

Gem. X 

*PR Sample