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Welcoming Toner Back Into My Life | Akar Skincare

The recent change in weather has been taking its toll on my skin. One moment it's raining, the next it's hot and humid. The one thing that's been keeping it in check is the Akar Skin Lush Balancing Toning Mist*. Who knew that something with only five ingredients would be able to outperform in a multitude of ways.

There are three ways in particular that I use it, firstly, as a toner. After cleansing, this leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It's formulated to protect skin from free radicals, which are healthy cells turned bad as a result of damage.

Another, is to use this as a sort of 'perking up' spray. When I'm at work and my skin is looking dull, a quick spritz of this brightens and eliminates any dry patches. Perfect for when I'm particularly busy and don't have any time to top up my makeup.

And finally, when it's all getting a bit too much, flustered, overheated and stressed. A layer of this over this skin cools me down and the soft rose scent lifts my mood slightly.

With Rose and Neroli, this restores the skins natural pH balance and helps to tighten pores. It's 94% organic and 100% natural, suitable for all skin types, vegans and those that are cruelty-free.

Over the past few years, I've kind of gone off toners. I haven't used them at all but this has restored my faith in their multi-use formulas. And I'll definitely be taking a look at the rest of their skincare range as we transition into autumn.

Do you use toners? What do you think about multi-use products?

Gem. x

*PR Sample